9 Wonderful Years!

Brance and I celebrated our 9 year Anniversary yesterday. I am so thankful for this guy! He seriously is one of the most amazing husbands and dads out there. I am not sure how he does it. He spoils the girls and I rotten with love and yet he still manages to help us to grow as people. Poor guy has had to put up with a lot, because of my health issues, during our marriage (and dating and engagement), but he has never once complained or made me feel like I’m inconveniencing him. And for that I am forever grateful and totally smitten!

Brance and Haddie playing tug-o-war with the pappy.

We are pretty low-key about special days and holidays and are not big on making regimented plans (although we do have some fun traditions). Especially when it comes to dates where more often than not we just let the night unfold. We did plan to have a sitter though! I really was mostly looking forward to spending time together alone, just the two of us and of course taking in Christmas in Boston. This is one of the most beautiful places at Christmas time! Continue reading


Lauren in the fall

Welcome to our humble little internet home! I hope you can visit for a bit and drop by often to say hello. I just know we are going to be great friends!

I am incredibly excited to have a place to share the things I am most passionate about in life! Things that I have done that have changed my life for the better (they are so amazing they are like miracles…but more about that later), any new things I learn, and just fun tidbits from life. I also look forward to hearing and learning from you too!


Time Square

I am coming back by train now from a short trip to NYC! I went for the first time in my adult life with two friends and enjoyed taking in all the amazing Christmas sights. Wow. New York is something else… especially at Christmas! As fun as it was, though, I am definitely ready to get back to my sweet family and my cozy neighborhood in Boston where I know my way around.

I look forward to all the amazing conversations we are going to have! I just know our lives will be better for the things we learn from one another.

Until next time!