10 Things that gave me a HAPPY new start

Flower After RainToday is a rainy spring day. I love this kind of day. I am cuddled up in bed now while the rain washes away city dirt and grime. I just love how fresh, how clean, rain makes the world around us. Even when we were living in the mountains of Virginia. Somehow the grass and trees seemed greener and flowers looked even brighter after a storm.

What the rain reminds me of…

The rain reminds me that transformation is possible for us. That the “dirt” and “grime” in our own life can be washed away. That there are second chances and new beginnings and there’s always, always hope. No one is a hopeless cause.

I didn’t always feel this way. I used to feel like the hopeless cause. In my early 20’s my life was a tangled mess of pain that I couldn’t see a way to set straight. Health issues and major depression made living excruciating. I felt trapped in a pit of hopeless despair with no ladder of escape.

And yet here I am more than a decade later doing amazingly well. Really enjoying life. The prayers I prayed in desperation back then have more than been answered today and I am so, so grateful.

It’s not that my life is perfect now. I AM very blessed, but certainly things are not perfect. I recently walked with my family through a cancer diagnosis and I deal with managing a chronic disease along with all the other daily stresses of parenting and, well, life. Just like you!
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