3 tips to turn hard days around

Hard DaysThere are days that smack you in the face. You know, the ones where you feel like you’re doggy paddling with all your might to just stay afloat. Your emotions are raw or numb and it is difficult to find joy. Often, if left unchecked, hard days can turn into hard weeks.

And yet, it doesn’t have to be like this. There is a different way. I know from experience that difficult days can be turned around. If not that day, shortly thereafter. Here are 3 tips that REALLY do work. I have used them again and again in my own life. Two of them may surprise you a bit.

Change perspective

thankyou Fostering “an attitude of gratitude”, as corny as it may sound, has amazing power to help lift your spirits. Researchers have found that keeping a gratitude journal can improve your mood for weeks afterwards. It can also make a big difference in a difficult moment. You may not be able to grab a notebook and pen, but you certainly can think about or verbalize what you are thankful for, regardless of how small it may seem. Getting your mind off of what is wrong and instead focusing on what is good, or right in life, is a very powerful tool. But don’t just do this on Continue reading



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Surrender is not a popular idea in our culture.

Independence. Yes.
Strength. You bet.
Self-assertion. Absolutely.

But, surrender. Well, isn’t surrender human frailty at best, or evil coercion at worst?

I would argue that true surrender is nothing of the sort and one of the most amazing things we can experience as humans.

I am learning it all over again today – the beauty of surrender. I don’t always embrace it fully. I don’t alway fall into it gracefully (sometimes I require a nudge from my sweet, brave husband and a loving reminder from a kind friend – like today). But, oh, once I begin to swim in the waters of surrender, I experience freedom and contentment and joy like you wouldn’t believe.

It was a hurtful and unfair situation. Those involved should have known better, should have BEEN better. But they were not and my Continue reading