Reading to improve your sleep

reading-before-bed1A good night’s sleep is the beginning of a good day. We all know this to be true. Getting enough sleep is important, but getting good sleep is equally important.

Several months ago I began to notice that I wasn’t getting good sleep on the nights when I watched TV before bed. I was getting enough sleep, just not good sleep.

What is good sleep?

Good sleep is a night of peaceful rest with no, or at least peaceful, dreams. Good sleep is falling to sleep quickly and easily without tossing and turning. Good sleep is, above all, refreshing, so that you awake feeling rested, full of energy, and ready for the day.

I began to suspect that TV was disturbing my sleep. We cut back on how many nights we allowed ourselves to watch TV, and found that I did get better sleep when I didn’t watch before bed.

But I wasn’t ready to give up TV altogether. I wanted to watch TV and sleep well. So I began researching , and I found a little trick that has transformed my sleep. The secret is that Continue reading