Knowing when to quit

calling it quitsHave you ever poured your life and soul and heart into something only to have fizzle and die–to never take off and soar like you had dreamed and hoped and imagined?

I certainly have, more times than I would like to count, ha.

Brance and I laugh that this is our life-story. You know. Failure. We have attempted quite a few things over our decade-long marriage that for some reason or another didn’t work out–businesses and business ideas, hobbies, and plans that have gone up in flames.

Ironically, it seems that while your dreams are in the midst of being dashed to pieces there is someone out there doing it, succeeding marvelously at that thing you just can’t seem to make work.

It’s funny how life goes.

And while perseverance is so important and often key to success, there is a time where it is appropriate to call it quits. To say, Continue reading

An Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis

Lauren Gillihan
By Anabell Jimenez

Something I never anticipated happening became a very big part of my life 2 years ago.

I was diagnosed with the chronic disease Ulcerative Colitis. For those of you who may not be familiar, it is an irritable bowel disease that affects a person’s colon, their large intestines (not to be mistaken for irritable bowel syndrome).

How it all began

December of 2013 I started experiencing symptoms I initially thought was from a stomach virus. When they didn’t resolve, but became worse, and I began to experience other frightening symptoms, we decided it was time for me to visit my clinic.

My doctor ran a few tests and sent me home with instructions for eating a bland diet to see if it didn’t resolve on its own. A couple of days later the tests came back Continue reading

Our 3 Favorite Boston Walks

from castle islandGoodness. It’s been a cold couple of days here in Boston. It was minus 10 on Sunday morning when I woke up. Minus, did you get that?

I walked outside in my pj’s (big deal when you live in the city, ha), just to see what -10 felt like. Brrrr. It was cold. And it felt colder a couple of hours later when we walked to church, even though it was above zero by that point, because the wind was hitting our faces.

It feels like someone is sticking little needles into my skin, Haddie said. Yep, that’s exactly how it felt. Even being wrapped up from head to toe!

Thankfully this cold snap is to be short-lived. Today is suppose to get up into the 50’s. I can hardly believe it. And even though it is suppose to be Continue reading

Surviving life’s “trenches”

trenchAre you in the trenches right now?

Perhaps you are fighting to hold together a tenuous relationship with a significant other or family member or friend.

Maybe it’s your health or happiness that is on the line.

You might be battling to stay on top of all of your responsibilities at work and home.

Or perhaps you are fighting just to make ends meet.

Whatever your trench or trench(es) are, I want to tell you that there is hope. I want to encourage you with this. Oftentimes our greatest Continue reading

Is the the Pill making you sick?

The PillWe all know that taking oral contraceptives can come with unsavory side-effects. Weight gain being one of the most complained about.

But have you considered that the Pill is making you sick–very sick? And that it is robbing you of happiness?

Many of us began taking it very young and we were not able to connect our decline in health with the Pill.

Or we have taken birth control for so long that we have lost touch with what it’s like to feel normal. We’ve lost touch with our “true selves”.

This is what happened to me.

My doctor prescribed the Pill for me when I was a teenager. I wasn’t sexually active or even planning on it in the near future. I was still a virgin.

Acne that plagued me for a couple of years cleared up, but that was the extent of the “good” it brought. Perhaps that caused me to overlook or miss the tsunami of bad symptoms and ill-health that came crashing in.

The decade that followed was pure misery. And it wasn’t because my life was especially difficult, other than what the Pill inflicted. Or that good, beautiful things didn’t happen.

My college years were incredible years where I made wonderful life-long friends. And I was blessed to meet and marry the love of my life during that decade, as well. We are still very in love with one another today.

But every beautiful moment I experienced during those 10 years was mingled with unrelenting pain and suffering.

You see, I didn’t realize it then, but the birth control pill was making me very sick. And the side effects were compounding and creating a monstrous, unbearable list.

Looking back, now, I am not sure how I managed to graduate from college, work a job, and function as well as I did during those years. It really, truly was a miracle.

The Pill caused me to experience Continue reading