Dairy-free personal sized PIZZA


I have dabbled with being  dairy-free for quite some time now.

My first experience was back eight years ago when Haddie was a baby.  Me being dairy-free meant she was a happier baby. That lasted for a year.

And then again, when Abigail was a baby, I gave up milk and yogurt and ice cream. My nursing babies just weren’t content when I ate dairy!

After Abigail was weaned, I began to connect inflammation with dairy and have been mostly off dairy ever since. That has been over 4 years now.

Of all the lovely foods that dairy gives us, the one that I miss the most has been pizza. Yes, even more than ice cream–which I hardly miss at all because of this shake.

I mentioned being mostly dairy-free because once every couple of weeks over the last few years I would “cheat” and have pizza. Until recently…

I finally discovered a way to make pizza that requires no cheese and still hits that pizza craving. Thanks to the following dairy-free pizza,  I have been completely dairy free for several months now! Continue reading

The crying cure

damMost of my life I have been like a poorly dammed river–tears leaking through the cracks  incessantly. And in imminent danger of the whole construct collapsing in one gigantic emotional episode.

It’s a weakness. Not being able to control the dam of your emotions–or your tear ducts. At least that is what I have been told and have observed and have keenly felt.

Crying on the job. Definitely not a good idea.

And in friendships and intimate relationships. Frequent tears can cause problems there as well.

At the movies and concerts and parties. Yeah, not so cool.

But, regardless of how HARD I tried, there they Continue reading

Moms and spiritual moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

When I think back to the women who have profoundly influenced my life, my own mother is at the top. I have been blessed with the most incredible, loving mother.

She really, truly is one of the most sacrificial and caring people I know. Her love for others shines out in all she does–from her encouraging words, to her generosity, to her love and kindness offered to “the least of these”. You can be sure that any good attribute you may observe in me can be traced back to her.

I want to be like my mother. I want my girls to grow up knowing the unconditional love I have known 33 years and counting. She embodies what it means to be a mother and why we celebrate our mothers on this special day of the year.

After my mother, I think of another lovely woman who greatly influenced my life and help set me in a positive direction. She has no physical children of her own. Yet she was a spiritual mother to many women (and men).

Her desire was to have children and raise a family, but that never happened. And yet, in spite of her own pain and suffering, she offered motherly love and guidance to those who needed it. She poured out her time and prayers and enouragment–her life.

The world needs women who are willing to pour out their lives for the good of others, be they physical or spiritual moms.  Women who are willing to lovingly and fearlessly guide the next generation.

So in honor of all moms and spiritual moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day! What you do matters.

Sandal-ready feet

sandaled_feetHaddie and I wandered through the sandal isle of a department store downtown Boston this afternoon. Abigail was “working” with Brance at our new house and it was just the two of us. We had fun looking at the different styles together.

It seemed a little ironic. Although there are beautiful pink and white blossoms on our trees, it was a shady 55 degrees outside. Not exactly sandal weather, right?

But it’s coming. And we are eagerly awaiting sun and sand and sandals.

So, in anticipation and preparation of warmer days to come, I thought I would share my tried-and-true foot softening trick.

It really, truly can help with even the worst of callouses. We all know that callouses are just one of the “lovely” things that come with the territory of getting older. And by older, in this instance, I mean anything over 20!


Foot softening trick

To do this, you’ll need Continue reading