Modesty Matters


I was browsing the athletic section of our local Marshalls recently. I needed new athletic clothes because mine were looking a little worse for the wear.

Standing in a sea of spandex, shorts with the tiniest inseams, and back-baring or nearly see-through tops, I was quickly reminded of why I disdain this task of shopping for athletic-ware.

It’s almost impossible to find something that isn’t seductive to the umpteenth degree.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me. I often see more than I would prefer of other people’s bodies as I try to get in my daily walk in our waterfront Boston neighborhood.

I am not sure where as a society we go from here. Take our run or walk in a bikini or speedo? (Unfortunately, I have seen that once, too. Yikes!)

I realize I am stepping out on a ledge here and many people won’t agree with me (even those who are religious). And I am ok with that.

Modesty is a tricky and somewhat subjective topic. But I strongly believe that Continue reading

On choosing a spouse–the MOST IMPORTANT thing

First DanceWe had been dating for several months and he was a great guy. We were sitting in his living room together talking. And then it happened. He told me that he loved me.

I burst into tears. And they were not tears of joy. You see, I had planned to break up with him.

I grew up in a small town and attended college close to home. I was getting ready to graduate and wanted to move away and experience another part of the world. I had contemplated living in another country, even, as an English teacher. And, well, this man was tethered to the small town I grew up in by his business.

That night, I ended up not saying anything in return and awkwardly excused myself to go home. I didn’t break off the relationship because of the circumstances. But the situation left me feeling very confused.

I realized that things were getting serious and if I wasn’t planning on Continue reading

JOY in all circumstances

IMG_0386Recently we took a little trip to the Cape with our family. We’ve come to love our mini getaways to the beautiful coasts of New England (even though we live a couple of blocks from the ocean in our Boston neighborhood, ha :).

In the past, we’ve gotten really lucky and have chosen some pretty awesome places to stay. We’ve mostly gone out of season and have been able to stay in luxurious hotels and locations for far less than luxury prices. People can’t believe it when I tell them!

Like the time last spring when we ended up staying in this GORGEOUS hotel overlooking the ocean and the most beautiful lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard!!! (my favorite we’ve seen in all of New England. And we’ve seen a lot!!).  It also didn’t hurt that the hotel’s restaurant served the BEST hamburger on Vineyard ;). And not just in our opinion.

The last time we escaped to the Cape we ended up renting the cutest little suite–perfect for our family of four for dirt-cheap.

So, you can imagine my disappointment when our Continue reading

I’m inspired…

floral card

I recently received something in the mail that was such a boost to my spirit. It made my day—month, really.

It was a card from a childhood friend I have reconnected with.

This friend and I attended the same church during a period of time in our youth. We sat under the loving teaching of dear Fran Sprano (who illustrated her lessons with stories of building planes during WWII! and from her childhood on a farm), shared starry-eyed young girl dreams for the present and future, and enjoyed/”suffered” our way through church camp during the summer.

She was a kind and thoughtful friend, even in our youth. And as an adult, I now know, one of those Continue reading


laundryLife is crazy, right?

Kids spilling milk, laundry baskets spilling clothes, hurtful words and negativity spilling out.

I love, though, how peace and joy are for RIGHT NOW in the midst of the crazy and messy and hurtful. In my early to mid 20’s I believed the lie that perfect circumstances were necessary for happiness. Well, I would have never said that (I had been a church kid, after all), but it was exactly how I  lived my life.

I kept thinking that happiness was just around the bend with different circumstances. Oh my.

And then I finally learned to thank God in the midst of the chaos, uncertainty, and challenges of life. Like, actually thank him for the difficult circumstances in addition to the good ones. To really thank him for what he was doing in me through them–for what he was teaching me and where he was leading me because of these hard things.

When I finally learned to Continue reading