Our 3 Favorite Boston Walks

from castle islandGoodness. It’s been a cold couple of days here in Boston. It was minus 10 on Sunday morning when I woke up. Minus, did you get that?

I walked outside in my pj’s (big deal when you live in the city, ha), just to see what -10 felt like. Brrrr. It was cold. And it felt colder a couple of hours later when we walked to church, even though it was above zero by that point, because the wind was hitting our faces.

It feels like someone is sticking little needles into my skin, Haddie said. Yep, that’s exactly how it felt. Even being wrapped up from head to toe!

Thankfully this cold snap is to be short-lived. Today is suppose to get up into the 50’s. I can hardly believe it. And even though it is suppose to be rainy, you better believe I’ll be lacing up, grabbing an umbrella, and getting in my walk.

Oh, how I’ve missed my daily walk.

I don’t let much stand between me and my walk. Not rain, heat, snow, or cold. 20 degrees and snowing? I bundle up and go for it! Rainy and windy? No problem, grab an umbrella!

But this kind of cold? I just can’t do it. God bless all those who live in parts of the world where they regularly see temperatures below zero.

So, these last few days have been tough. I need my walks. I’m telling you, this little habit has done so much for me and I really miss it when I can’t work one into my day.

In honor of walks and because I am missing mine so much, I thought I would share 3 walks you must take if you ever visit Boston.



The Causeway in “Southie”

This is right here in my little Boston neighborhood and I just think it is about one of the greatest gems. It’s so awesome to have the Causeway in the warm weather as you get the best ocean breezes while you walk. This walking path goes right out over the Boston bay and you even get some pretty cool city views, as well.

Walking CausewayKite Surfing Boston

It’s always fun to watch all the kite surfers doing their thing and kids digging in the sand.

Castle Island

 Photo by Chitose Suzuki
Photo by Chitose Suzuki for the Boston Globe

The causeway takes you out to Castle Island where you can see a revolutionary war fort or get an ice cream cone or a hotdog at Southie’s, city-reknown hotdog stand, Sullivan’s.

Walk with a friend, bike, or stroll alone–the Causeway is sure NOT to disappoint. But I may be a little biased ;).

Ahhh. Writing about the Causeway makes me wish spring were here! Soon, right?!

Boston CommonBostonThe Boston Common and the Public Gardens

These are very iconic Boston and just about one of the prettiest places you can stroll through come summer. The flowers in the Public Gardens are to die for. And the duck pond and the frog pond–definitely a favorite of our little family. It’s still pretty in the winter, too. Especially with snow.

Ducklings_Publicgardens 2If you haven’t read, “Make Way for Duckling”, you just have to. Especially if you ever plan on visiting the Public Gardens. This was Abigail’s favorite book for the longest time. She had me read it every single day to her for weeks and weeks. Thankfully, it’s a wonderful book.

Another great thing is that being downtown you are close to all that Boston has to offer. Shopping, theatre, and dining are just steps away. Some of our favorite places to visit after strolling through the Boston Common and the Public Gardens are…

Brattle StreetBrattle Street Bookstore

I love how they have bookcases outside. And they are the sweetest with the girls. Haddie and Abigail have come away more than once with a free book.

Thinking CupThe Thinking Cup

The coffee here is terrific and the service has always been great. They do get a little busy, so Brance and I usually come here alone.

cupcakes in Bostonthey loved the pink couch Sweet Bakery

The girls’ favorite :).

cafe_neroCaffe Nero (Downtown Crossing)

We love their cozy decor and the food and coffee are great too. There is a good amount of space, so we feel comfortable taking the girls here.

Old North Church Massachusetts State HouseThe Freedom Trail

I wouldn’t be a proper Bostonian if I failed to mention our historical trail that weaves its way through our city. It’s awesome. Especially if you’re a revolutionary war history buff. Or love beautiful, old buildings and statues and cemeteries (I loooove those myself and can spend the longest time reading all the tombstones, ha :).

Only, don’t make the same mistake we did and insist on walking it July 4th, babies in tow, in 90 something degree weather. Umm, that was one miserable, sweaty 4th.

But, the trail really is a great way to see the amazing historical sites, and you don’t even have to pay a guide, unless you want to. The trail is marked on the sidewalk and there are plaques at every stop. You really can’t get lost.

We opted for a tour guide once, when my parents were visiting, and are very glad to have had the experience. Our guide was terrific and shared things we wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. But, most times, we are just as happy to meander the trail and read all the plaques at our own pace.

Make sure you walk the entire trail all the way to Bunker Hill. It’s a bit of a hike, but you don’t want to miss Charlestown.

If you come to Boston, make sure to reach out to us. We’d love to meet and walk with you, if we are available. What are your favorite places to walk where you live?

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  1. It was about 20 degrees and blustery when I did the freedom trail. But it was such a nice walk in the bright sunshine. I walked it so quickly because of the cold that I totally missed Paul Revere’s house. I had no idea about the causeway.

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