4 Homemade Beautiful Kid-friendly Ornaments


The girls and I have plans to make ornaments twice this December. Once with another homeschool family and once with their AHG troop.

So I scoured the web looking for ones that are cute AND can be made mostly without grownup help. Because isn’t it a lot more fun for kids if they make it all on their own!?

I hate that so many of the actual cute homemade ornaments out there basically require grown-up assembly from start to finish—with hot glue guns or sewing or cutting with a knife etc.

And I didn’t want to compromise in the cuteness department. You know, opting for something that would look chintzy or fall apart before Christmas.

So, here are four I found that are adorable and can actually be made by kids. (Some of them do require some grownup prep and/or a few adaptations to be totally kid friendly.)


I found these cinnamon ornaments on Wholefully. Aren’t they great?!

We had friends give us something similar as a Christmas present two years ago. The girls loved them, they smelled delicious (ahhh…cinnamon is heavenly), plus they’re much prettier than the traditional salt dough ornaments I made as a child. Don’t you think? A win all the way around in my book.



I found this beaded pipe cleaner ornament on DIY Mommy. Wouldn’t it look lovely adorning the tree?

I made the traditional candy cane beaded ornament as a child. They’re cute, but look very kid-made. I think this version makes a beautiful beaded ornament that is more elegant. It’s amazing how the right color of pipe cleaner and beads can make a big difference.


I found this adorable reindeer ornament on The Resourceful Mama.

I think for my kids we’ll opt to use felt instead of burlap, so no sewing is involved. But the burlap IS super cute. Perhaps I can make a couple that way for myself :).


We made these using burlap, but chose to glue brown card stock to the back so that we wouldn’t have to sew. We also used a bead for the nose, because our store was out of the small red pom-pins. See below…


I found this little cork snowman ornament on Growing Up Gabel. Isn’t it the cutest?!

I can’t get over how adorable those earmuffs are. I think I will paint the corks white in advance to speed up the craft for the kids.

Happy ornament making,