4 of our South Boston Favorites

Our Favorite Southie Cup of Joe

American Provisions

American ProvisionsAmerican Provisions is the best place to go for a cup of joe in Southie. Brance is a bit of a coffee snob and this is his favorite place in the neighborhood. Only they don’t have much seating. If you prefer chatting over a cup of coffee with a friend, then you would be better off meeting up at Cafe Arpeggio on West Broadway or the Starbucks beside Broadway Station. But for coffee on the go or while browsing this specialty store, American Provisions is likely not to disappoint.  Many people enjoy the cheeses, meats, breads, and assorted pantry items they carry as well. Although I don’t shop there very often. I have also heard that they make a mean sandwich.

Our Favorite Southie Take-out

Cafe MamtazCafe Mamtaz is our favorite take-out restaurant in South Boston by far. With two small kids, Brance and I don’t go OUT to eat all that often. One of our favorite things to do is to have date nights at home. It’s been so fun. And I honest to goodness think we even prefer this to going out! It certainly saves a lot of money. Mmmm, and we don’t feel like we are missing a thing when we can cosy up in the privacy of our living room with delicious Indian food.

Everything we have ordered there has been so good. My favorite is their Murg Jalfrezi, a chicken dish cooked with onion, tomato, cauliflower, green pepper and ground spice, served on rice. Yum! I don’t eat dairy, but Brance loves their Tandoori dishes where the meat is marinated 12 hours in yogurt. Those dishes are incredibly tender. He also always makes sure to get an order of Naan. They have many different kinds!

Our Favorite Southie Bakery

Josephs BakeryWe have made Joseph’s Bakery a birthday (and other special day) family tradition. We walk there on special mornings to select delicious home-made pastries and treats. Once when I was there picking something out, I saw them working with lots and lots of  dough in the back :). The walk with the girls (and sometimes guests) is always fun and it could just be me, but there is something about WALKING somewhere to pick out treats that makes the experience even better. They even seem to taste better when you get home to eat them. Maybe it is the whole adventure of anticipating and walking and talking and picking out and eating! I don’t even eat pastries anymore and I am already looking forward to our next special day. The girls love it so much!

Our Favorite Southie Florist

Stapleton Florist

East BroadwayI could spend the longest time walking around taking in all the arrangements at Stapleton’s. I probably do when I am there picking out presents for friends! It doesn’t help that I am indecisive. They are super-convenient, on Broadway very close to the grocery story, and I like the way they give you a coupon for a percentage off every time you buy their cut flowers. Their plant arrangements are modern and chic compared to the other florists in the neighborhood Although Brance and I don’t always have extra for flowers or plants, when we are wanting something for others or ourself, this is where we go. The people  working here have always been friendly and helpful as well. Also, its fun seeing and smelling flowers outside the store as you walk by in the summer time :).

What are your favorite places where you live? What is it about them that makes you like them so much?

3 thoughts on “4 of our South Boston Favorites

  1. While Chuck was deployed I started frequenting a local coffee shop, Cutters Point, on Sunday mornings on the way to church. I’ve been thee lots before, but I just really enjoy the fact that they don’t act like they’ve never seen you each time you come in. Starbucks baristas (at least the stores I frequent) always treat you like its the first time you’ve ever been to a coffee shop before.

  2. Hi Dawn, it is nice, even if they don’t remember your name, if they at least act like they’ve seen your face before. Our Starbucks isn’t bad in that regard. The baristas actually do remember your name and even your drink, if you get the same thing often enough. The problem with ours is that they are so busy. It is a never ending line of people coming through and it’s not uncommon for all the seating to be taken. They are right next to the train station, so I understand why, but it doesn’t make for a peaceful environment.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have the perfect coffee shop in our neighborhood, with both good coffee and a good atmosphere. 🙁

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