Life of late…

Hot tea, misty day. Bare feet, deck chair.

I can hardly believe I’m outside in February without a jacket. But here I sit Lady Grey in hand soaking up the warmth and…uhm, mist. So much to be grateful for, even on a less-than sunny day. This is a lot like life of late. So much do be grateful for, even in less-than sunny circumstances.——————

-Brance is in Boston. I’m not. The separation is work-related and temporary and we’re getting to see him every couple of weeks. But this is the first time we’ve been apart for so long. And boy. The girls I miss him.

We are 3 happy ladies when his plane lands for a visit! I think we are more thankful for Brance, if that is possible, because of this separation. I look forward to hearing his voice as we recount our days over the phone at night. And little couple annoyances no longer feel annoying when you’re only together for a few days a month.

-We’re living with family as we finish and sell our home. My parents have been incredibly gracious and accommodating and helpful. But it’s never easy to move back home, even temporarily. I feel like we’re over-running my parents home and life with our stuff! Yikes.

But after living so,so far away from family, it’s been wonderful taking walks with my parents, eating meals together again, and enjoying each other’s company. My mom is super-funny and keeps us laughing on a daily basis. And my dad boosts my confidence with his kind comments about my mothering. I have a lot to be thankful for.

-We renovated our dream home only to turn around and sell it. Waa. We spent many hours planning and researching and DREAMING about moving out of our dumpy rental into that beautiful home. But as things turn out, it doesn’t seem that will be the plan after all.

Oh well. Such is life. Life is MORE than a pretty house, after all. Beautiful memories can be made in ANY house. I am thankful for the wonderful family God has loaned me to go through life with and I trust he will continue to shelter us as he has so far.

Lately I am having to remind myself to LET GO of my plans and expectations in life and to TRUST God. To be thankful in all circumstances. To wait patiently. That’s not natural for me, but it is good for me. I feel the tension release inside as I release control.

Anyone else getting to practice this “letting go” lately?

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