9 Wonderful Years!

Brance and I celebrated our 9 year Anniversary yesterday. I am so thankful for this guy! He seriously is one of the most amazing husbands and dads out there. I am not sure how he does it. He spoils the girls and I rotten with love and yet he still manages to help us to grow as people. Poor guy has had to put up with a lot, because of my health issues, during our marriage (and dating and engagement), but he has never once complained or made me feel like I’m inconveniencing him. And for that I am forever grateful and totally smitten!

Brance and Haddie playing tug-o-war with the pappy.

We are pretty low-key about special days and holidays and are not big on making regimented plans (although we do have some fun traditions). Especially when it comes to dates where more often than not we just let the night unfold. We did plan to have a sitter though! I really was mostly looking forward to spending time together alone, just the two of us and of course taking in Christmas in Boston. This is one of the most beautiful places at Christmas time!


Boston's Macy's

It was a perfect December night for strolling around with weather in the 40’s .  And strolling we did. We started out strolling through a couple stores to do a little bit of shopping. I had to pick out a Christmas ornament for our youngest (a tradition we decided to start this year) and we picked up a couple gifts for family and friends, laughing the whole time about how funny it felt walking around the store without the distraction of kids!

We  strolled through the Common and the Public Gardens to take in the lights. It was beautiful. And then on to Newbury Street where we strolled down the tree-lit street hand in hand and had dinner at Trattoria Newbury, a cozy little Italian restaurant. While eating dinner we said it’s a shame our anniversary doesn’t fall on a Wednesday every year.  We had the restaurant almost to ourselves!


We finished the night off with some coffee and a stop by our local drug store where we picked up a toy that Abigail, our youngest, has been talking about for a month after she saw it when I was picking up some vitamins. Of all crazy things it’s a light-up unicorn pillow pet! But it really is the only thing she has been asking for for Christmas.

Finally we strolled back to our little apartment. Ah, it was a perfect kind of night in every way!  It felt a little risky planning a wedding this time of year, in a part of the country that snows, when the idea first came to us.  Now we are so glad we did!  I’m curious. What do you think of planning a wedding during the winter months?