A Great Way to Connect with Kids


Finding moments throughout the day to enjoy and connect with our girls is something that is very important to Brance and I. We want to do this parenting thing with no regrets AND enjoy the ride (like most parents!).  But it is easy for mommies and daddies to allow life (dirty dishes, laundry, jobs, bills etc.) to wedge itself between us and sweet hugs, cuddles, and the funny/crazy moments we can have with our little ones, isn’t it!?

A great way that we have found to bond with our girls, especially in the evening, is through novels and book series. We’ve read books to our girls since they were small, and it’s always been something they (and we) enjoy, but the enjoyment level has gone way up since we started reading chapter books and even more with book series. It has been so great, I just had to share with you! I’m so curious, has anyone else experienced this as well?

Currently Brance is reading the Chronicles of Narnia series with the girls. Well, mostly to Haddie. Abigail makes it through the hot cocoa or tea and then usually wanders off mid-way through the reading.

IMG_7444 IMG_7456

Haddie is absolutely enamored. She would sit and listen to an entire book, I think, if we let her. She talks about the characters and story almost every day and looks forward to the times when we pull our compilation off the shelf. She recently said she is only dreaming about Narnia these days. It’s so cute!



IMG_7454 IMG_7459

I was surprised today to learn how much Abigail has been absorbing too, even though she is only 3. She and I were spending the afternoon together because Brance and Haddie were out doing some shopping together. During lunch, Abigail, chattering away, named all the children (and several other characters too) from the The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and informed me of many other details. I think it is because Haddie is so into it and talking about it non-stop… but she may be picking up some of the story herself.

Are there any books or series that you and your children are into? I’d love to hear!