A little secret…

prisonCan I share a little secret with you?

I used to live in a “prison”. A prison of worry, fear, and stress about life and about what I felt should be happening in life. You see, I had these expectations. They weren’t necessarily put on me by others. Sometimes they were, but most of the time they were self-imposed.

And then I learned something so, so helpful. I learned to let go of expectations. I had heard about this before (in church we call it trusting God), but for some reason I had never put it into practice. And when I finally did, whoa, things began to change. I finally felt release from my “prison”.

It has looked something like this…

Letting go of the expectation that my house will ever be as clean as it was prior to kids.

Letting go of the expectation that life happens the way we plan it or that I would even be happy if it did.

Letting go of the expectation that we have to finally own a house, or actually LIVE in said house, or be caught up on the laundry, or have a smooth day of homeschooling, or no longer struggle with chronic illness, or be successful at a dozen other endeavors we pour our heart and soul into.

Letting go…

There is so much freedom there.

There is room to breathe there. There is grace for ourselves and there is grace for others in the letting go.

Because when I was hanging onto these expectations for dear life and waiting, and desperately hoping, and sadly believing the LIE that my life could only be fulfilling if these things happened – I was unhappy. Miserable sometimes.

Although, let me be clear. When I talk about letting go, I am not talking about a lazy, defeatist, non-committal attitude. One where a person coasts through life by the seat of their pants. One where a person is constantly a victim, never taking responsibility for their life.

Nothing of the sort. That is just another pathway to misery.

What I am talking about is a life where I do everything in my power to cultivate order and beauty and direction – to really, truly enjoy the process – and then to let go.

The outcome is not mine to decide after all. So, dear reader, for me, as a Christian, this means trusting God with the outcome.

This means halfway cleaned rooms and unsuccessful attempts AND this means organized closets and killer projects are ALL okay. If I did my best. If I have surrendered the results. If I have let go.

This is where peace and freedom is friends. In accepting what each day brings. In the letting go of expectations.

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