A new perspective

sailboatsOne thing I’ve learned that has helped me immensely is to view any challenge or failure I face as an opportunity. It’s so good, that when I began doing this several years ago, it literally transformed my life.

This is not something I did in the past and it made for bumpy ride–an unhappy, bumpy ride.

In the past, I sought perfection and every time I faced a challenge or failure I would feel discouraged or defeated. I would focus on what was wrong and how my life wasn’t perfect. Doing so left me unhappy and it kept me from truly living. It also kept me from taking good, healthy risk.

And then, a beautiful thing happened.  I learned a different way and was finally able to reclaim my life and happiness!!!

  • I learned to look at the difficulties I faced in life differently–to view them as opportunities for growth.
  • I learned to no longer be defined by what was going on around me–be it bad or good.
  • I learned that my value doesn’t hang on the opinions and approval of others.
  • I learned that if I couldn’t be happy in the present, right dab in the midst of whatever was going on in life, I would never be happy.
  • I learned that thankfulness is a gift from God that has the power to transform our hearts.

And so, finally, I  learned the secret to being content regardless. Even when things don’t go my way. Even when faced with challenge and failure.

When I finally stopped viewing challenge and failure as doom and I stopped looking to my circumstances for happiness, things brightened immensely. Not that my life got any easier or my circumstances magically improved. My perspective did and that was enough.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “A new perspective

  1. I enjoyed the article and your perspective on finding your way to happiness I feel your experience is encouraging

    1. Hi Mercedes! Thank you :). It’s good to hear from you. I hope your birthday trip was as wonderful as it looked. And I hope you’re doing well!!!

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