A quick note

public_gardenOh, dear. I hope you haven’t thought I was gone for good. I was swamped with life and disappeared from this little space for far too long. I am sorry! It wasn’t good timing.

But I did notice something, perhaps acquire is a more accurate way to put it, while I was away. Balance.

After I had kids, my life began to feel a bit like a juggling routine. Yours too? And, to be honest, juggling isn’t my gift.

Housework and home school take up a huge chunk of my time and leave little time for other things, including blogging.

I can throw in the blogging ball when I am not juggling any other big thing. But, when I am blogging regularly, my life feels full. Blogging is more difficult and time-consuming than I ever imagined it would be.

SO, when I unintentionally dropped the blogging ball, my juggling routine became easier. My life became more balanced. Especially since around that time I became busy with some unexpected, extra responsibilities.

But I have missed you all and this space!  I want to continue on AND I want to keep balance.

So, please help me. What things do you do to maintain balance in your own life and accomplish the things you love and are passionate about?

I’ve missed you and hope to share more soon,

p.s. I took social media off of my phone. A great move for me!