A quick update!

lgOh my. I think I may be experiencing a bit of blogger heaven on earth. Brance and I just updated our phones and they have Pages on them. Pages!!! No more typing posts in a notes app only to accidentally delete them.

Some of you may have wondered where I disappeared to in the last couple weeks/months. I have been posting less frequently, as of late. This was both intentional and unintentional.

A couple of months ago I decided to reduce the number of posts I wrote. Blogging takes a good deal of time and energy, as you can imagine. There is far more involved than simply writing posts (which I love to do, btw). And since time is sparse and precious these days, I decided to aim to post something new about once a week.

Well, August came and brought the plague to our family (an early cold/flu) and then September I jumped into officially homeschooling 2 instead of just 1. And I found myself a little negligent of this space. But I have missed writing and all of YOU and hope I can keep up a more consistent publishing schedule in the future.

My dream is to grow this space so that some day I can spend more time here with you all! How great would it be if researching and writing articles that help others could be my part-time or full-time job (hey, a girl can dream, right!?). I’d happily step aside and allow Brance assume the role of homeschooling dad ;). Which I am convinced he would be super awesome at!

img_7409 img_7411

Although, nearly 2 years into this, getting this blog off the ground seems like a miraculous feat these days. Goodness knows I have tried. I am done reading blogs about blogging, ha. Who has 100 hours a week to devote to getting your “brand” out there!? So if it ever happens, I won’t be able to take credit. You’ll know providence played a big role.

What dreams or wishes do you have percolating in your heart and mind? I’d love to hear them! Doesn’t having dreams and goals you are working towards make life more interesting and fun? I, for one, am a big believer in them.

p.s. October is going to be a banner month for our home renovations. Or so it seems. Both the insulation and drywall (technically blue board and plaster) go up. And I am ordering cabinets. Eek! Lots of pictures to come, I promise.

And it’s the time of year to dust off the cast iron Dutch oven and start making savory soups and stews. We’ve already made a couple. Thank you fall!