How to have an amazing Valentine’s Day regardless of your relationship status


Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that can fall on the scale from completely wonderful to absolutely terrible, depending on what is going on with our love life at the time. So, instead of focusing on that (our relationship status), lets talk a bit about love. And yes, there is more to love than romance! We don’t even have to be in a relationship to give and receive love, one of the most beautiful things in this life. And it doesn’t even have to be with someone we know – it can happen with a complete stranger.

Here are some things you need to know about love!

  • Love is not necessarily chocolates, or flowers, or fancy dinners. Although, those things can come from a heart of love.
  • Love is when we help a neighbor or friend in a time of need by dropping off a dinner or offering to watch their pet or child.
  • Love is a smile or a hug or a pat.
  • Love wants others to feel cared for and valued. It doesn’t draw attention unnecessarily to itself.
  • Love is saying a kind word to a stranger we meet. Or offering encouragement to a coworker when they are down.
  • Love is the countless prayers given up by parents with children no longer in their care.
  • Love is being genuinely excited for our friends and others when good things happen to them, instead of wishing that it had happened to us.
  • Love is visiting and sitting with a lonely elderly person or a shut-in. It’s taking interest in helping a needy child or family.
  • Love is not wrapped up in expressing all that it knows, but rather, it is a listening ear and caring heart.
  • Love is waiting without resentment or frustration. It’s finding what we can do to serve others, even when our life isn’t going the way we had hoped.
  • Love is the tireless wiping of noses and cleaning up of messes and the cuddles and kisses and very little free time experienced by those with small children.
  • Love does not easily take offense and causes us to extend forgiveness in our hearts when we are wronged.
  • Love is buying a single friend flowers to brighten their day (a dear couple did this for me on Valentine’s Day back when I was single and it meant so much!).
  • Love IS full of trust and hope and never gives up! Real love will never, ever, ever let us down!


Because of real love, you can have an awesome Valentine’s Day regardless

There are people in relationships who wouldn’t know what love was if it bit them in the armpit. So regardless of your relationship status, I urge you to go into Valentine’s Day armed with these truths about love, willing to help others experience this real, pure kind of love. And I think, Valentine’s Day (and every other day for that matter) just might be incredibly awesome for you, regardless of whether you have a date. I dare you to try out some of these things and just see if your heart doesn’t fill to overflowing. That is something only real love can do for us my friends!

With Love,


Please share with us how you plan to, or already have, put real love into practice on Valentine’s Day! Give us some ideas! Also, let’s plan to implement this year around :).