An opportunity to love

yellow_flowerEvery single day we live, there is a great opportunity before us. It’s an opportunity to love. An opportunity to practice kindness and patience and humility. An opportunity to put the needs of others before our own. An opportunity to embrace what is good and true.

Moment by moment we decide how we will respond to the circumstances of our life. Will we respond in frustration and resentment– excusing our selfish, vindictive, or rude behavior? OR, will we respond in LOVE?

Negativity, unforgiveness, and selfishness ultimately destroy us and harm the people our life touches. Their poisonous effects can be long-reaching. And, oh boy, do I know this too well from past experience. It’s not a place I want to go back to.

But when we put love into practice in ALL of the circumstances of life, even the most mundane or hurtful, there is great potential for something beautiful to transpire. And regardless of how things turn out, we experience peace and joy in the process.

When we respond in love–loss, rejection, failure, sickness, and all the other little things that plague us daily no longer have the power to hold our emotions and well-being in their prison. Living a loving life is one of the most beautiful and freeing things that we can ever experience. People and circumstances no longer have the power to control us.

But living this kind of life where we choose to love is something we have to commit to daily, sometimes moment by moment. Thankfully it does get easier over time with practice!

We often have no control over what happens to us–how others treat us and how the circumstances of our life unfold. But we ALWAYS have control over how we respond to those people and circumstances. And responding in love is always the best way for everyone involved.

Today we have an opportunity– an opportunity to love.

With love for each of you,


p.s. I should add, that as a Christian, the biggest motivator and “empowerer” for me to choose love in all the circumstances of my life is the love I experience and see modeled from God through Jesus Christ.