Beautiful Virginia

imageAs the girls and my visit to VA draws to a close, we are taking every opportunity to soak up God’s special beauty here. There is something lovely and unique about anywhere you go. Here it is the mountains and the grassy rolling hills and all the majestic trees. Most of all, I love that there is so much green everywhere you look. Even now in December! We are soaking it up to take back home.

Although, I must say, we are fortunate to live in a city with many beautiful parks where we can enjoy nature, especially in our neighborhood. I am also very thankful for the solitary tree right outside our window in Boston. It makes me happy to see green in spring and summer and vivid yellow in fall. As much as I love nature, I feel grateful that we have one growing in front of our new house for us to enjoy.

What beautiful things in your part of the world are you enjoying? Do tell. I would love to hear!

If you are curious about these posts in the Taking Joy category, they come from my intentional effort to practice gratitude in daily living. For a better explanation, you can read Practice Gratitude for Greater Happiness. As always, any questions are welcome!