Cleaning is Healthy and a Cleaning Challenge

Vintage HomeDid you know that cleaning is actually GOOD for you? Do you find that surprising? The article, Regular Cleaning is Good for Your Heart and Soul, points to research that SUPPORTS the physical and mental health benefits of both cleaning, and a clean home.

That makes sense to me. Being in a dirty, disorganized environment makes me feel uneasy and, yes, disorganized. I always thought maybe it was from being raised by a mother who is an awesome home keeper. In addition to the daily chores of cleaning the kitchen, making beds, and tidying-up, cleaning our home top-to-bottom on Saturday mornings was just part of the weekly ritual.

But alas, I have let many of those great habits instilled in my youth kind of slip away. And let’s say travel and the Holidays haven’t helped. Just a couple of days ago, Brance and I were talking about the need to get our little apartment back into better order. He works from home part-time and I home educate our girls, so for better or worse, we are all in this nest A LOT.

Since cleaning is healthy, and living in a clean home is less stressful, we determined to get our house in order. But where to start? We’ve tried organizing the girl’s toys. We struggle to keep the dishes washed, by hand since we have no dishwasher! We have stuff stored in every conceivable place, as we bide our time in this apartment during our home restoration project. And the boxes are piled to the ceiling in our tiny home office!

So, I was super excited to come across a 31 Days to Clean challenge on Sarah Mae’s website. Once I read her post, I knew I was going to take part in the exercise. It starts today, in the kitchen (we have no dishwasher, remember?!). Want to join me?