Cold Brew Coffee


We enjoy coffee around here. Like a lot. Have you ever heard of people hand-grinding their coffee beans and measuring them by grams on a scale? Sound a little crazy? Yeah, well, we do. Really, it’s Brance’s doings. And although at first I thought this was all a little over the top, he really does make one amazing cup of joe.

Recently we have been into cold brew coffee. Don’t let the name fool you. You can make both iced and hot coffee from it. Room temperature brew might be a more accurate name  ;). The flavor is amazingly smooth and it is less acidic than a normal cup of coffee. So much so, that some people who suffer from GERD can actually drink this kind of coffee without any reflux. Pretty cool.

The basic recipe is simple:

  • 112 grams of coarsely ground coffee (french press grind)
  • 4 cups of water
  • 16 hours

Yeah, you read that right, 16 hours. This is not a quick fix!

We have a large stainless french press that some friends gave us as a gift a couple of years back, and it’s perfect for this. If you don’t have a press this large, you can use a large glass jar, or even a bowl. If you want to try a smaller batch, just use the ratio of 28 grams of beans per cup of water.

1. Grind the coffee coarsely, as you would for the french press.

2. Put the ground beans in the pot, and add the water in a circular motion. If you do it right, there will be no need to stir. Just make sure all the beans are wet.

3. Cover the pot. We do this by simply putting the lid on the french press, but not pushing the plunger. If you use a jar, put the lid on. If you’re using a bowl, cover it with a lid or cling wrap.

4. Place it on the counter, away from heat or direct sunlight, somewhere where it will rest undisturbed. Leave it for 16 hours.

5. When the time is up you’ll need to filter the coffee somehow. If you are not using a french press, just pour it through a filter of some sort. You could use a pour over filter, or even your drip machine’s filter, or just some cheesecloth over a jar.

Since we use the french press, we simply press the coffee. But with a french press you can end up with a bit of the finer grounds making their way into the finished cup, so Brance pours out of the french press into our Aeropress (affiliate link) and filters it for the finer particulates.

Making the final cup

This recipe makes a full quart jar of very strong cold brew coffee. When we’re ready for a cup we pour it over ice and add 50% cold, filtered water to it, for ice coffee.

For hot coffee, we just pour half a cup from the jar, let it sit out on the counter while we heat up a kettle on the stove top, and then fill the cup up with the hot water.

Brance drinks his black. I add a little rice or coconut milk to mine.


Lauren (& Brance)

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