Cool trick for tear-free detangling

imageI discovered the coolest thing when my oldest daughter Haddie was smaller. How to detangle hair without a single tear. No more pain or sadness or frustration. The tangles “melt” out with little effort. Detangling has become an easy, pleasant thing in our house. Amazing, right!?

Luckily for Abigail, being younger, I have used this trick all along. But that was not the case for poor Haddie. By the time Haddie was four her beautiful, thick, and long hair was prone to tangles and knots. I remember spending the longest time trying to detangle with special sprays and combs. Nothing made it easy for her or me. It was miserable.

There were lots of tears and broken hair. And I felt just terrible about the pain it caused and the time it took to comb her hair. I ended up chopping her beautiful locks off to her shoulders. I didn’t know what else to do. I felt defeated. I love, love long hair on little girls. But a 30 minute combing session every day? And sometimes longer when knots became impossible. It was more than she or I could stand.

And then, I discovered the coolest trick. Tangles almost fall out on their own (even some of the worst you can imagine) under running water, if you massage a good amount of conditioner into the hair and brush gently with a paddled brush. It’s amazing.

I usually do this while they stand under the water in the shower after shampooing. But you have to use enough conditioner. Or with my youngest, who sometimes prefers baths, I will condition, pour water, and brush while she sits in the tub. Either way works well and is as easy as can be.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the first time it happened. I was convinced it must be some freak thing. I couldn’t be this lucky, ha. And so I tried it again and again and again. And every time I did, I had the same results… the tangles seemed to melt out of the hair. IF I used  enough conditioner and IF I brushed it under running water.

I have been using this trick ever since. Both of my girls now have long hair and combing out tangles is a breeze. And they love to tell people that :). No more long combing sessions or broken hair or pain. Nothing but tear-free detangling!

Happy combing,


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