Of Daddies, Daughters, and Cupcakes in Boston

cupcakes in BostonOne of the great things about having daughters is that I can now go on a date with more than one beautiful girl at the same time, and not get in trouble! In addition to dating their mother, I try to take my girls on “Daddy Dates” pretty regularly.

I’ll write more about Daddy Dates in the future, because I think it’s extremely important for our daughters, but today I want to share with you some pictures and thoughts from our most recent Daddy Date, just to give you a taste.

This was an afternoon date, and we decided to head downtown. We have a few favorite spots for dates and downtown Boston is among the top choices.

Boston holds a lot of appeal because we can grab a yummy snack, which is very important on a date, browse a bookstore, do a little shopping, or just walk around holding hands and talking.

The Daddy Part

catch the trainThe girls love to ride the T, our public transportation system here in Boston. We always have to sit in the back of the bus, and then stand and hold the “loops” when on the train.

ride the train

For some reason, these things are exciting adventures for 3 and 6 year olds. I think it has something to do with being able to stand up while the thing is moving, which they are never allowed to do in the car of course. And this is an important aspect of Daddy Dates, while still maintaining a measure of safety, the acceptable risk level is greater than when Mommy is around.

I tend to give them a longer leash than Lauren does. I allow a little more freedom to run and take risks. I’m still there, and I’m watching them like a hawk. I never take my eyes off them while we’re in the city, and they are holding my hands more often than not. But still, I allow them to stand up on the bus and the train, ride the escalator on their own, and I let them run ahead of me in Boston Common, not too far ahead, but further than Lauren is usually comfortable with (shhh, don’t tell mommy)!

There’s a lot more to a Daddy Date than simply increased risk taking, but we’ll save that for a future post.

The Daughter Part

The deal we have is that I afford them a few extra freedoms while on a Daddy Date, and in exchange they let me into their world. They have great imaginations and I want them to invite me into their experience. So we are always pretending something.

This time out, we noticed our reflection in the glass of the subway car window, and we pretended that the reflections were the real us and we were the reflections. We kept that up all afternoon, into the evening, every time we caught our reflection in a window or mirror. We imagined what our real selves were saying about us when they pointed at us out of the glass.

Cupcakes in Boston

Like I said, having a yummy snack is a big part of a Daddy Date.

This was our first stop when we made it downtown. There are several places around to get cupcakes in Boston, but Sweet is probably our favorite, and we made a bee-line for it.

Sweet Cupcakes in BostonThey have several locations around the area, but we’re near the downtown location more often than any of the others. The girls love it, but not just for the cupcakes. The decor appeals to them as well. It’s pink, it’s fancy, it’s sweet, it’s everything a girl could want!

They felt like queens sitting on the pink padded couch eating their cupcakes and pretending to be fancy.

they loved the pink couchAt one point Haddie decided to tell me what she would change if it were her store. She wanted to swap out the light fixtures for candles, and remove the tv from the wall. Other than that she thought it was perfect.

she feels like a queen

We all went for the same cupcake this time, a dark chocolate with chocolate butter cream icing. We don’t eat stuff like this at home, so this was a real treat. If you are looking for some cupcakes in Boston, Sweet is our recommendation.

cupcakes in Boston

Usually, I try to keep the phone in my pocket, not my hand. While I’m with them, they get my full attention. But this time, I asked them if we could document the date and write a blog post about it, so that other daddies could learn about taking their daughters on Daddy Dates. They gave me their full authorization to do so.

fancy silver shoesI hope this gave you a taste of what our Daddy Dates look like. I’ll write more in the future about the why and how of it. If you’ve got a date idea I should consider for the girls, please let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for new and exciting date ideas for these two little ladies!

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