The egg roll meal

Egg roll mealI just received the best compliment a person could ever ask for. My darling little daughter told me she thinks I am the greatest cook around and wondered how I got so good at cooking.

I melted. Precious words like those make all the hectic, crazy of being a parent worth it, right?

Of course I am the best cook around in her 7-year-old mind, because, really, I am the only  one that she samples food from on a daily basis. But it was so sincere and what mom doesn’t need a little boost here and there. I’ll take the compliment :).

Thank you. Well, I told her, it’s probably because I get lots of practice preparing food for you guys. I cook a lot–like 1-2 meals every day.

She nodded in agreement and then twirled on to another room.

I thought I would share one those recipes I have had a lot of practice perfecting over time. It’s a twist on the egg roll and it is one of our family favorites. We call it the egg roll meal.

Egg roll meal


  • Package of egg roll wraps
  • Broccoli slaw mix (1/2 bag–roughly 6 oz.)
  • 1 large chicken breast cooked and cubed small (omit if vegetarian)
  • 2 cups of cooked rice
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • Canola oil
  • 1 clove of garlic minced (optional)
  • Cracked pepper or red pepper flakes (optional)
  • Water


  1. Put broccoli slaw mix (and optional garlic) in a pot with 1 tbsp of soy sauce. Heat with a lid for a couple of minutes on medium heat until broccoli is slightly tender. Mix in rice and cubed chicken. Add optional pepper to taste.
  2. Fill an iron skillet 1 inch full with canola oil and turn on high (when the oil first smells or looks slightly smokey it is ready). You may want to wait and do this mid-way through egg roll preparation, depending on how quickly you work. (If you aren’t ready, you can always temporarily turn the burner off or remove the skillet from the heat.)
  3. Assemble each egg roll by adding 1  1/2– 2 tbsp of the mixture to the center of a wrap. Roll according to package directions and use a small amount of water with your finger or a brush to seal the egg roll closed. Set aside and roll the rest.
  4. Add the egg rolls to the hot oil turning them to get a crispy brown color on all sides. They cook fast! Remove from oil to a napkin covered plate or tray to drain.

Serve while they are hot and enjoy! We love ours with extra soy sauce for dipping :).