Enjoying a Painting in the Sky


I saw a beautiful and unusual thing a couple days ago. The girls and I were riding together with my parents in the vehicle and Haddie said that she saw a rainbow. I kind of laughed because I thought she was being cute and explained that rainbows only appear when it rains or is misty out. A minute later I peered out the window into a sunny, mostly blue sky and was surprised to see a small rainbow nestled between two clouds. And of all things, it was almost circular in shape. I have never  seen anything like this before! I apologized right away to Haddie for not “believing” her and we both sat and soaked up God’s little painting in the sky. It was a fun moment!

You might be wondering where the rainbow is in the picture.  So am I! I tried to capture it, but for whatever reason it did’t show up.  It only looks like a pinpoint of white light, instead of the magnificent colors we saw. Oh, and I wasn’t driving, in case you were wondering!

I am curious, have you ever experienced seeing anything like this?  I wonder if this is an unusual occurrence? Also, I would love to hear what kinds of things you have enjoyed recently!