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I know first hand what it is like to feel amazing and I know first hand what it is like to feel terrible.

Right now, thankfully, I feel amazing. Even in the face of a serious autoimmune disease.

A decade ago, I did not feel well AT ALL. I was foggy-brained, exhausted, depressed, anxious etc. I was just barely getting by.

I remember how it took everything in me to hang out with friends or clean the kitchen or do pretty much anything. By the end, I would feel like I had been run over by a train. And the whole time I felt spacey and unable to keep up.

I even remember being afraid for people to know the “real” me back then. Certainly, if they knew how “screwed up” I was, they wouldn’t like me. Oh, and marriage–the closest relationship out there? That was super-scary stuff for me. Thankfully I married the most supportive and loving guy out there.

Now it is as if I have tons of energy to do the things I need to and then some to spare. And my head is clear. And I am no longer anxious or depressed. It truly feels like a miracle has transpired. There is NO comparison in how I feel–physically, mentally, or emotionally. It’s night and day.

Feeling this amazing was something I dreamed of and prayed for years ago. I was so desperate to feel better. But it seemed completely out of reach.

Anyone who has experienced this will know what I am talking about. It’s a terrible place to be.

But I am living proof that a person can feel better!!! That we can beat extreme exhaustion and foggy-headedness! That we can take out anxiety and depression–for good.

Because I was able to turn things around for myself, I started this blog. I just knew that there had to be other people like the me of a decade ago. People wanting to feel better, but not knowing how or not certain there was even hope for change.

There is hope! I am telling you. It is possible! I felt terrible and I have experienced a  total transformation. If I can, I know that there is hope for you to feel better too!

If you need to feel your best, in a major way OR in small ways, here are things that I would suggest from my experience.

  • The first step is to muster up some belief that things can change. HOPE is hugely powerful and will help carry you through, even when things are not easy. For me, hoping in God was what sustained me in the darkest of it all.
  • Realize that it will take some time for you to feel better. You didn’t arrive where you are overnight. Hopefully not too much, but it will likely be a process none-the-less.
  • Check any medications you may be taking. I am super-sensitive to medication. An oral contraceptive is what threw me under the bus all those years ago. A tsunami of poor health followed. Unfortunately, it took me years to connect the two. Recently I had to stop taking a medication prescribed for my UC because I was experiencing side-effects similar to what I did on the oral contraceptive.
  • Optimize your Vitamin D3 levels. This, hands-down, has made the biggest difference in how I feel. Most people are deficient and completely unaware. I was and when I began supplementing I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, sleep (I require less), wellness (I hardly ever get sick now). Also, another big bonus has been that I feel clear-headed and no longer struggle with anxiety and depression.
  • Supplement with magnesium. This has helped my sleep, which has helped me feel better. I used to toss and turn and wake up multiple times in the night. Once I began supplementing with magnesium that stopped. I now sleep straight through the night and wake up rested in the morning. (Except a month ago when I stopped taking it for a week when I ran out.)
  • Make sure your supplements are NOT in gel capsule form. Brance and I have BOTH experienced bad side-effects from gel capsules. If you are using them, they could be contributing to you feeling poorly.
  • Speaking of sleep, aim to get 7-8 hours a night. And try your best NOT to stay up after midnight. The earlier to bed the better.  Being a night owl myself, I know how difficult this can be. Especially to people who aren’t feeling well, who oddly seem to have more energy late at night instead of during the day. That totally used to be me!
  • Spend time outdoors every single day. Exercise every single day–outside if possible. I am a big believer in walking outdoors. I know people are so into yoga these days. So I risk offending. But, I am convinced that no exercise can replace good old-fashioned walking.
  • Add self-care to your schedule. Taking time to care for yourself will help you feel better AND  make you a better friend, parent, spouse, and family member. It really is a win all the way around. Brance knows this and is happy to watch the girls for me to take time for myself.
  • Make sure you are spending time with other people. Loneliness, in addition to being unpleasant, is actually super-unhealthy. In a decades-long study at Harvard, they found loneliness to be most predictive of mortality.
  • Practice gratitude. STOP dwelling on the negative. This is one that I have had to grow in. I am by nature a glass-half-empty kind of gal. But, as researchers have found, being thankful can provide a huge boost in happiness.
  • Eat healthily. For me, that is little to no sugar. As many whole foods as possible… lots and lots of vegetables and fruits. I also make sure to get enough protein. As a child, I avoided foods with protein and I am convinced it caused a lot of my health problems in my late teens and early adult years.
  • Add fermented foods to your diet.
  • Consider adding aspirin. Because of my tendency towards depression and anxiety, I take an aspirin a day. New research is showing that depression and brain inflammation are linked.That combined with the Vitamin D3 has completely eliminated my depression and anxiety and a need for any other kind of medication. (I would only recommend this for someone who seriously struggles with depression and anxiety.)
  • Look for ways to care for others. Being a blessing to other people will bless you. There is no better medicine than to look outside yourself and situation to others. It’s an instant boost.

I talk more in-depth about many of these things and others in my free e-book. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you can get it HERE.

Also, you are always welcome to reach out to me through the contact page if you would like to ask a question or share something. I love hearing from you and helping as I can!

Wishing you health and happiness!

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What things do you do to feel your best? Do tell!

2 thoughts on “Feel your best

  1. I love reading a story it’s sound so familiar to the way I was feeling 5 years ago it does take time to feel better to just feel good about yourself again there are things that you can do physically to help you feel better as you listed but my biggest help was God remembering my upbringing in the church going back to his word regaining my faith again

  2. Yes. I totally agree! A huge part of me getting better had to do with God. Me clinging to him through the process is what helped me not despair. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

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