The first signs of spring!

Today on a family walk we saw the first signs of spring! Hooray!

It was the girls who discovered the little violet colored flowers and they were very excited to point it out to Brance and me.


We feel blessed to have an amazing place to walk beside the water just steps from our home.

It’s easy to forget that the city is behind you when you’re gazing out at the scenic, peaceful bay.

Brance is so funny. Once he noticed I was taking pictures of him, he hammed it up a bit by pretending to be looking for something.

The girls are always busy exploring and doing something regardless of where we are. I thought this would slow down as they grew. But it hasn’t yet!

I think this guy is really handsome and pretty stinkin’ smart (he’s armed with a hot thermos of coffee, which he offered to make for me too). It actually was just shy of 50 degrees and a little breezy.

More often than not I am the one behind the camera, so Brance grabbed it to snap a couple of shots of me to prove I was there.

Haddie took this one of Brance and I. I love that the sky is in the backdrop because it is from her perspective!

We’ve had a lot of rain recently, so we’re taking every opportunity we can to get outside when the sun is shining.

Until the next sunny day!