We’re getting more…

Snowy Sunset Southie

Snow!!! Yes, I know; shocker, right?

The funny thing is that just a couple of days ago, I was bemoaning the fact that we hadn’t had a real snow yet this winter in Boston. And, well, now we have had a couple VERY real snows folks and one right now that is supposed to leave us with another hefty amount of white fluffy. I don’t want to complain, but this might just be too much of a good thing. Although, I know two sweet little girls who probably would say otherwise :).

Trash Day Southie

Similar to the abundance of snow with nowhere to go, we have another kind of abundance and one I really WOULD rather go. The odd thing is that these snows have managed to come over the last three weeks right around the same day – trash pick-up for our street. This will be the THIRD week in a row that we haven’t had trash removed! It may be some kind of record for Boston, I am not sure. They hardly let anything but a blizzard stand in the way of trash removal. Seriously.

Corner at Crosswalk Southie

Some things have been more difficult with all the snow, like trash removal and actually getting out of the house. Daily walks outdoors have been a little challenging (note corner at crosswalk pictured above) and we’ve skipped them all together a couple of days (like during the blizzard and snow storms!).  But, one of the things we have enjoyed about being snowed in so much recently is…


all the yummy, hearty meals we have been inspired to make. The dutch oven is our best friend these days. It makes some of the most scrumptious soups and stews! Our favorites have included a delicious chuck roast stew, and chicken and rice soup. Using a cast iron dutch oven proves to make some of the most tender meats and vegetables that you will ever sink your fork or spoon into (seriously, you can cut meat with a spoon!). We are hooked.

Another thing we have enjoyed is…

Chronicles of Narnia

the extra time we’ve had to read books and drink hot cocoa. Right now we are making our way through The Chronicles of Narnia series (Brance) and The Secret Garden (me) with the girls. I have also been reading out of Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. I remembered loving that one and the sequels growing up, but reading them aloud to the girls I have felt like I have had to edit it some. The little boy Peter, the main character, is a bit disrespectful at times. But this has been Abigail’s favorite of all that we are reading and she laughs hysterically at everything that the baby brother Fudge does, and says, in the story.

Of course, all the snow has provided us with some…

Sledding in SouthieSledding Fun Southie

sledding fun as well :). Definitely something to be grateful for too!

What things in life are YOU grateful for? Inspire us! My sister texted me that she had her windows open because it was 70 degrees where she lives. Sounds so lovely, doesn’t it?


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