Haddie’s Birthday and the USS Constitution


How cool that we have the oldest American ship in our backyard! And it is completely free to tour. I can’t believe it has taken us this long to go see “Old Ironsides” (back in the day cannon balls literally ricocheted off the sides of this boat because of the “live oak” used to make the ship!).  We had the best time walking through this amazing piece of American history yesterday.

The girls just LOVED the museum too. It was very interactive and kid friendly. It isn’t free (they have a suggested donation). Unless you live in Boston and then you can get a free library pass. Here the girls were practicing tieing up the sails. The museum workers were incredibly nice and informative. The girls hung on every word this guy said about working the rigging.


Come to find out only 4 people fell to their death during the War of 1812 doing this tricky, dangerous job. Historians have found that the sailors doing this job were built like gymnasts. No kidding! I would have died the first day.IMG_1452Here Abigail is trying her hand at cooking for the sailors. Looks healthy to me! We were shocked by the small portions these sailors lived on. Tack, coffee, spirits,  a little bit of meat and cheese, and the occasional vegetable and butter.IMG_1449Here Brance and Haddie try out hammocks similar to the ones the sailors would have slept in… all 4 hours they were able to sleep a day. Yikes. I wouldn’t have made a good sailor. Getting so little sleep, it’s surprising more mistakes weren’t made on board.
IMG_1430Brance had to watch out when exploring inside the ship. There were a lot of places for him to hit his head. Good thing most of the sailors were 5’6″ instead of Brance’s height of 6’2″!


Not sure who Mad Anthony was!IMG_1427

Our sweet, sweet eight-year-old girl exploring. Oh where, oh where has the time gone!?IMG_1423 IMG_1421 IMG_1420IMG_1419

It blows my mind that sailors would just climb up and down these rope ladders rain or shine. Yikes.IMG_1416The ship was flying the serpent flag that states “Don’t tread on me.” You can’t really tell that from this picture. Haddie thought the flag was so fascinating and was confused that it didn’t have 50 stars at first. Good impropmtu history lesson opportunity.IMG_1413

Haddie chose to eat lunch in a little Italian restaurant in the North End. Their marinara was so, so good. I was a little “jealous” because I ended up getting their chicken Marsala and it wasn’t my favorite. But, I’m glad the birthday girl’s meatballs and spaghetti were terrific!

Oh, by the way, this is what Brance looks like on most of our family adventures. He’s our navigator. And public transportation “coordinator”. I’ve tried, really tried, but I just don’t have navigator blood coursing through my veins. We inevitably get lost. So, it falls on the shoulders of this capable man :).



It wouldn’t be a birthday without a stop at Sweets. The girls love their cupcakes and I love that I didn’t have to make cupcakes and that they wouldn’t be eating cupcakes for days. You can’t bake just a couple, right?  I eat almost no sugar these days (other than a little bit of honey in my tea and some dark chocolate) and we really try to limit their sugar intake as well. But, on a Birthday? A cupcake was definitely in order!!!


And yes, I was there. Brance and I laugh about how I am basically absent from a lot of our family history because I am the one behind the camera instead of in front of it. So here. I took a picture in a new shirt I had bought yesterday to see what I “thought”.  It’s a dark, grainy cell phone pic. And don’t you just love the paneling behind me in our kitchen, ha?! But, I do exist :).


2 thoughts on “Haddie’s Birthday and the USS Constitution

  1. Wow!!!! It looks SO different from when I went more than 10 years ago!! I heard they did a big update. It looks amazing! What a fun birthday. Especially the cupcake shop; that would have been my favorite part. And the North End. Yum!!

  2. Wow, these updates must take some time! They’re still at it. The boat was in dry dock and they had removed the old copper sheathing to replace it. And there seemed to be some work going on in the hull, too.

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