Happy Weekend 3.12.15!


We got back to Boston from our travels late last night after driving all day. We put the girls to bed and both had the munchies. But what to do? The grocery store was closed, so we were forced to rummage through our refrigerator which had sat unopened for 3 weeks. Eek!

Olives last forever. Okay, good. Aged gouda with a sell-by date of that day. Phew! Carrots and celery? At least they weren’t rotten or shriveled up like the rest of the produce we tossed. We decided to give them a try. And of course, wine only gets better with time. No problem there :).

Aged Gouda


Wine Opener

Okay, so I don’t recommend doing this at home, ha! We ended up tossing the carrots and celery, they were definitely suspect. But everything else was more than fine. I LOVE aged gouda and I only eat dairy on the rare occasion, so I definitely enjoyed that. And I always enjoy cuddling up with my sweetie :).

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

What fun or restful or productive thing(s) do you have planned for your weekend? I have to catch up on a lot of washing and cleaning.