I’m inspired…

floral card

I recently received something in the mail that was such a boost to my spirit. It made my day—month, really.

It was a card from a childhood friend I have reconnected with.

This friend and I attended the same church during a period of time in our youth. We sat under the loving teaching of dear Fran Sprano (who illustrated her lessons with stories of building planes during WWII! and from her childhood on a farm), shared starry-eyed young girl dreams for the present and future, and enjoyed/”suffered” our way through church camp during the summer.

She was a kind and thoughtful friend, even in our youth. And as an adult, I now know, one of those rare and true kinds. But life happens and we were busy finishing school and then working and, sadly, we drifted apart.

Thankfully we’ve reconnected and I couldn’t be happier to have her in my life again and be in touch with such a caring spirit.

Receiving her uplifting and encouraging note was like water for my soul. What a blessing.

And I was so happy for the reminder it was to me. A reminder to be an encouragement to others. And a reminder that handwritten notes can do wonders for the hearts of other people.

She has inspired me to pick up my pen (which, unfortunately, has grown somewhat dusty) and pour out blessings to others through the mail. Even if it is only one a week or month to begin with. Every note has the potential to accomplish great good.

Wanna join us?

Thank you Sabrina for your sweet friendship and thank you for your loving, tangible example of being the hands and feet of Christ by using your words for good.

Love, Lauren

p.s. Research says that writing notes of gratitude to others actually boosts your happiness. Being a blessing to others provides you with a blessing as well. Exactly what we are told in Proverbs 11:25 :).