Interesting Space Savers in Southie

Shoveling out 2 ft of snow is a lot of work! Especially after it has drifted and 2 ft has become 3 or 4 ft! Once you’ve done all that hard work, you don’t want someone else capitalizing on it by taking your spot when you’re at work.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the city allows you to save your space for up to 48 hours, though typically the saving lasts much longer.

Here are some of the interesting things people are using to mark “their” parking spots in the neighborhood.

Gallery Updated 11:00 a.m. 1/29/2015

Which space saver is your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Interesting Space Savers in Southie

  1. Hi Holly! I am surprised that one hasn’t blown away! I think I am torn between the umbrella, crate of clementines, and the antifreeze. We shoveled out, but have yet to leave our spot. The last couple years we have used a laundry basket full of snow :).

  2. I am not sure what the smaller black and blue bag is! The larger one is a golf bag.

    The kids would love it if our space saver was a snowman in a chair :).

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