Learning to embrace the life I’ve been given

Trees-skyAs I have mentioned before on the blog, I am naturally a glass-half-empty kind of girl.

I don’t walk around with rose-tinted glasses. I can easily find the negative in any situation, just ask my sweet, optimistic husband. I know, that is not something most people would readily admit. But, it’s true. And I am really working on it, really working on seeing life the way God would have me see it.

The amazing thing is that as I embrace thankfulness, bit by bit, my perspective is changing.

It is easy to assume that people around us have it easier than we do or that their life is somehow better–more glamorous. Especially in this age of social media, amen?! And yet, comparison (aka. jealousy) is a terrible, poisonous thing–for ourselves and the people around us.

You see, discontentment doesn’t just affect me. It affects my husband and kids and family and friends and acquaintances. It even affects the way I interact with the clerk at the grocery checkout. The person that I am on the inside finds ways to seep out all over my life.

Which is a gloriously, wonderful thing if I am growing in grace and truth. If my heart is one of peace and contentment. If my thoughts are uplifting and full of gratitude.

And so, I am seeing some amazing things happen as I learn thankfulness. I am finding that my heart is changing. That the things that stole peace from me in the past no longer do. That a thankful heart is a content heart. That the two always co-exist!

But this is the way of the cross, the path that Christ so beautifully trod many years ago. Calvary’s way. As I learn to thankfully submit to the will of the father for me, for my life–all of it–I can have joy regardless of life’s circumstances.

And that sweet joy is worth every bit of the sacrifice. It’s worth every bit of the effort.

With love for you all,


P.S. I hope to be around more often! We were away for Thanksgiving and have been busy dealing with some time-pertinent things. Please know that you have been in my heart and thoughts while I was “away” from this little blog.