Life is good: radical transformation IS possible

A Life Enjoyed
Thank you Anabell Jimenez!

Life is good.

This was my thought tonight as I meandered through the historic row home-lined streets of our Boston neighborhood, my sweetie by my side. (Although, I am a quick walker and need reminding every couple of blocks that we were meandering and that, no, this wasn’t race.)

It was a perfect kind of night. We were alone. And the cool November air caused me to snuggle further into my down coat and borrow Brance’s gloves. But I love that.

I love this time of year that causes us to dig out our winter coats and look for cozy nooks to warm up with tea or coffee – and preferably a good book.

Brance and I don’t get many date nights, but this was one and I was cherishing every moment we had together – just the two of us. Hanging on every word we were sharing in conversation and laughing and having fun. I was enjoying the adventure of finding the perfect spot to end up for dessert and coffee.

And I was also thinking about how much has changed.

Not just with marriage, and kids, and a move to Boston from a very rural part of the country. Yes, life has certainly changed a lot in those ways in the last decade. But mostly, I was thinking of the personal transformation that I have experienced during that time as well.

How my life was raised from the ashes. How I feel like a completely new person. How I am finally happy and at peace and enjoying life.

Not that my life is somehow perfect now with everything going my way. No, in fact, in many ways, my life is harder now than it was a decade ago. My life is certainly less “free” than it was back then.

I have responsibilities that keep me home more often than I would like – responsibilities to my little family. I deal with managing a chronic illness on a daily basis. Brance and I have run up against obstacles as we have endeavored to pour ourselves out for others in life and work.

We have had setbacks, experienced hurt and rejection, and have had to do a good deal of waiting (nearly four years and counting with our renovation project).

But, do you know what?

Life is good.

Because our circumstances don’t define us. They don’t decide our happiness. And when I “let go” of expectations and fully embrace the life I have been given to live –  right now, my special place in God’s plan – I am truly, completely free.

AND, for me, ditching depression and anxiety along the way has certainly helped.

(Vitamin D3 deficiency can look an awful lot like those two. Who knew?! I hit on that and 6 other main things that have helped transform my life in my free little e-book. This was written to help others find more joy in life too. It’s possible!)

What I have experienced has been nothing short of a miracle. A little over a decade ago, I was just barely scraping by. I was praying, begging really, for relief by night and trying my darndest to hide the pain I was in by day – to appear normal to everyone around me. This kind of living is no living at all.

But bit-by-bit my desperate prayers were answered and slowly my life began to turn around. I began to emerge from the pit I had found myself in. The principles I practiced were simple, but profound, and with each additional one I grew emotionally stronger, healthier, and happier.

But this stuff is not stuff I want to hoard and keep to myself. It’s not stuff I want to hide away in my living room. In fact, one of the transformational principles I have applied is one of helping others –  of loving others by being vulnerable – so that other people can experience transformation as well. This heals others and this heals me.

SO… here I am writing about radical transformations on a Monday night after a lovely evening of caramelized apple bread pudding and warm chocolate cake with my love. And warm coffee in hand soaking it all in. Thinking…

Life is good.


If you are struggling right now, or just need a little encouragement, let’s talk. If it is of a private nature, please feel free to reach out to me on our contact page or by email: lauren@alifeenjoyed(dot)com. I believe that radical transformation IS possible. I believe that no one is without HOPE. That everyone should feel – life is good.