Martha’s Vineyard

imageimageWe have been enjoying some time away from Boston. Haddie celebrated her 7th birthday on Monday, so we let her choose where we would spend our little family get away. She chose Martha’s Vineyard because she is really into islands these days and she had fond memories of a day trip we took to the island two years ago. This was second to Hawaii, but I still think she is having fun, ha. The only thing better than an island for her is an island with a volcano.

Speaking of Hawaii. Haddie was super excited at dinner tonight when we sat next to a couple at the hotel restaurant who actually live in Hawaii. She had a lot of questions for them and they were very sweet to answer as many of them as they could. Of course, she let them know she was saving her change to go sometime in the future. It’s really cute. We have to figure out how to get that kid there someday!

imageimageTomorrow is our last day. We are only spending three days, but we have fit in a lot of fun so far. We have visited all the major towns on the island, enjoying their little downtown districts. It’s cute watching the girls saunter up the sidewalks deciding what stores they would like to visit. They are especially fond of bookstores and any store with toys. Although, still being April, many of the stores and restaurants have yet to open.

At a friend’s suggestion, we visited the “gingerbread” houses which was so, so fun. They are the most adorable tiny Gothic revival cottages painted the brightest colors. They look like big doll houses. Haddie decided that these were exactly the kind of house she wants when she grows up. No surprise. That kid loves anything ornate, or “fancy” as she likes to call it.

imageAnd we have gotten some amazing pictures! The hotel we are staying in is a beautiful historic hotel right next to a picturesque lighthouse. It looks like something right out of a book or calendar. Today we made it up island to see the gorgeous cliffs and one of the few places on the east coast where you can view an ocean sunset. Of course, with the kids we didn’t make the 3 hours to sunset, but we still got some pretty cool pictures. Brance and I have put it on our bucket list for a future to-do as a couple. We also tried something new with the girls that made the experience at the cliffs very special. I hope to post about it soon!

We have been fortunate enough to stay at a hotel that has amazing food. I am not kidding when I say I had the best hamburger I have ever eaten here. And it just happened to be last night’s special. Come to find out, that burger is pretty famous and has made some legit Martha’s Vineyards must-do-lists, including one on the Huffington Post. Tonight they served buttermilk chicken and cornbread that were to die for. And we had fun chatting with our “neighbors”: me, a nice couple who were islanders, both having lived in VA, and Haddie, the islanders from the Pacific. Of course, Abigail was her sweet self observing all the conversations and even surprisingly chatting some with Gail, who lives on Martha’s Vineyard and has two granddaughters in Seattle almost exactly the girls’ ages.

imageWe discovered a wonderful bakery where we were able to get cupcakes for Haddie’s birthday. The owner was thoughtful to light a candle for her and we all sang happy birthday, even the two older women from California sitting next to us in the shop. Haddie beamed. We went this morning to get donuts for breakfast. Both the donuts and  cupcakes were incredibly delicious, worth every penny. I can see why this is a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

I hope to put together a post with more pictures from the trip in the next couple of days. The pictures on this one are from our cell phones and don’t do the island justice. Once we are back and able to get to the pictures from our camera, maybe I  will make it a little travel guide of sorts :). We’ll see. Regardless I  will definitely need to share some of the gorgeous photos.



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