Weekend Reads 1/12

Happy Weekend! Do you have anything fun planned? Will it be a low-key weekend at home or one out and about?

I’m looking forward to some newborn snuggles with our newest nephew and some rowdy fun with his two big sisters and cousins (my girls :). The weather has finally warmed up. Yay! Although, it’s drizzly. But I don’t mind because that’s perfect for hot tea (which I am enjoying right now) and a movie (any suggestions?).

Brance will be in next weekend. We’re counting the days!!

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To look or not to look

computer 2I assume that all of us have experienced rejection at some point in life. We were dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend. Or, even worse, our spouse walked away.

Even if we were one of the fortunate few to meet and marry and stay married to our first love, we’ve certainly experienced rejection from a friend or a family member at some point.

Like it or not, rejection just comes with the territory of being alive.

And if we are completely honest, most of us have ended a relationship/friendship for some reason ourselves. Although ending a relationship isn’t necessarily painless, it is typically more difficult to be on the receiving end of rejection, right?

There is something incredibly difficult about being the one left. Something that compels us to Continue reading

Have a great weekend!

Candy-CornWhat does your Halloween weekend look like?

I am looking forward to some downtime with my family. We’ve been busy, busy this week. And of course, our girls are counting down the minutes until they can dress up. It’s so funny, they are going to be the same thing they are every Halloween. Want to guess what that is? As long as they are happy, though :).

Here are a couple of things I found around the web…

Denmark has been voted one of the happiest countries for many years and it very likely has to do with Continue reading

Weekend Reads


Looking for a way to squeeze exercise into your busy schedule? The New York Times is offering a free 7-minute workout App. I am excited to give it a try. I enjoy walking primarily for exercise, but this would be helpful on busy days, or when I would like to get in a little extra exercise. Which will probably be necessary in the near future…

Pumpkin Stew
Photo Credit: Tessa Traeger

Because fall has finally hit Boston (todays high was in the 50’s) which makes you want to cuddle under warm blankets and eat your favorite comfort foods. Speaking of comforting foods, I pulled out our dutch oven today and literally blew off the dust. My girls cheered when they realized Continue reading