One of THOSE days

Oh man.

Do you ever have one of THOSE days?

You know. The kind where your emotions are up and down like a topographic map of the Rocky Mt. range. Where your kids are a raging storm indoors while a winter blizzard rages outside and you’re TRAPPED. Where you just can’t seem to get anything accomplished, but you’re not exactly sure why. Where you know that even the smallest thing could set you off and you really, really hate that.

Yeah. So that was my day today.

I don’t love days like this. In fact, I do everything in my power to NOT have days like this. I exercise and try to eat healthily. I aim for 8 hours of sleep at night and make sure I am taking my vitamins (especially vitamin d3). I am careful to avoid foods that screw with my hormones. I try my best to spend time outside every day (even in the winter!) and I jump at a couple of hours away to recoup each week (yay for a husband who makes this happen!).  I do everything I can to FEEL my best so that I don’t have one of THOSE days.

And most of the time it works. Most of the time I feel pretty even-keeled. Most of the time I am able to sail fairly smoothly through the wavy waters of life, able to deal with what the day dishes up for me–the good and the crazy.

But not some days. Not today. *Sigh*

And yet, as much as I hate days like today–THOSE days–I am reminding myself that…

I have a lot to be thankful for. A decade ago, THOSE days were every single day of my life. I felt terrible ALL of the time. SO, only having a bad day here and there is something to praise God for.

THOSE days help me not to take good days for granted. Unfortunately for most of us it takes walking through the valley to appreciate mountain views. Bad days make good days taste even sweeter.

God often uses THOSE days in my life to push me to rely more on him. Because, it really does take God’s grace to help me make it through the day without messing up–without losing my cool or saying something I would later regret. Prayer is what gets me through and when I do mess up, repentance is a balm to my soul and those I’ve offended.

THOSE days can be a signal that something is off in regards to my wellness–that I need a “tune-up”.  Perhaps I haven’t been getting enough sleep because of travel or sickness (like right now). Or our crazy schedule isn’t allowing for me to get time away or exercise or spend time outdoors. One of THOSE days can be a blessing because it can signal that I have been neglecting an area of my health that I might have otherwise missed.

How do you deal with THOSE days? I’d love to hear any tips you have. One thing that really helps me is to get outside ASAP. There is something about fresh air and sunshine that does my heart and mind good. I also love reading in the book of Psalms. Nothing like a good lament when you’re not feeling so well, right!?