Is the the Pill making you sick?

The PillWe all know that taking oral contraceptives can come with unsavory side-effects. Weight gain being one of the most complained about.

But have you considered that the Pill is making you sick–very sick? And that it is robbing you of happiness?

Many of us began taking it very young and we were not able to connect our decline in health with the Pill.

Or we have taken birth control for so long that we have lost touch with what it’s like to feel normal. We’ve lost touch with our “true selves”.

This is what happened to me.

My doctor prescribed the Pill for me when I was a teenager. I wasn’t sexually active or even planning on it in the near future. I was still a virgin.

Acne that plagued me for a couple of years cleared up, but that was the extent of the “good” it brought. Perhaps that caused me to overlook or miss the tsunami of bad symptoms and ill-health that came crashing in.

The decade that followed was pure misery. And it wasn’t because my life was especially difficult, other than what the Pill inflicted. Or that good, beautiful things didn’t happen.

My college years were incredible years where I made wonderful life-long friends. And I was blessed to meet and marry the love of my life during that decade, as well. We are still very in love with one another today.

But every beautiful moment I experienced during those 10 years was mingled with unrelenting pain and suffering.

You see, I didn’t realize it then, but the birth control pill was making me very sick. And the side effects were compounding and creating a monstrous, unbearable list.

Looking back, now, I am not sure how I managed to graduate from college, work a job, and function as well as I did during those years. It really, truly was a miracle.

The Pill caused me to experience chronic, unrelenting hypoglycemia. Anyone who has experienced that shaky, foggy-brained feeling between meals knows how unpleasant this state is.

Typically, low blood sugar resolves once a person eats. But when I was taking oral contraceptives it never let up. Not for even a moment. I got no relief regardless of what I did.

It’s frightening what happens to your body when your blood sugar is chronically out of whack. Terrible, awful, bizarre, things happen.

The best way I can describe it is like this. For an entire decade, I walked around feeling like the walking dead. I was suffering so much I felt dead physically, mentally, and emotionally–like I was hanging on by just a thread. I felt so bad, I even began to pray that I would die during that time.

  • I experienced non-stop brain fog where I felt dazed and as though my head were jammed full of cotton. Doing simple mental exercises, like reading and comprehending, were very difficult for me during this time.
  • I experienced extreme exhaustion where I was wrecked regardless of the amount of sleep I got. The best way I can describe it is that it was as if every cell in my body was fatigued. This may sound crazy, but I was so tired every second of every day, I felt as if my face might just fall off.
  • I experienced skin and eye issues during this time, as well. My skin itched constantly without me being able to find relief from creams or lotions. My eyes stayed blood-shot and were achy around the sockets.
  • Not surprisingly, considering just how awful I felt, I suffered from anxiety and some depression. This made simple life tasks, like getting breakfast or going to classes and work or shopping for groceries, seem insurmountable.

My personal, private hell.

My symptoms were so horrible and unrelenting, it was if I had become a prisoner in my body. In many ways, living became a physical and emotional hell for me. And because of shame, I kept the extent of what I felt private–even from those people I loved most.

Although, I did visit my family physician during that time. Based on my symptoms, he ran some tests to make sure I didn’t have cancer or Lyme disease etc. and then, completely befuddled, gave me a clean bill of health. But I wasn’t healthy, not in the least.

The only thing that did get diagnosed during those years was the hypoglycemia. But none of the typical ways of treating it worked, namely eating and diet, because the root of the issue was the birth control pill. And regardless of what I did, while taking the Pill, the hypoglycemia would not let up and all the other related symptoms.

The Pill is making other women sick too. It is screwing with our bodies in ways we haven’t been warned about.

I have since discovered that multiple studies show, “Oral contraceptives are known to affect circulating growth hormone levels and glucose metabolism”. For many women, it screws with our glycemic regulation, our blood sugar levels. Yet, our doctors do not warn us and we are unable to recognize the imbalance until it’s too late–until our lives are crashing in around us.

And sadly many of us unnecessarily suffer. My entire decade of suffering was completely avoidable. It would never have happened, if I had not been advised by my physician to take oral contraceptives. And I shudder to think that I could still be suffering if I hadn’t stopped taking the Pill to get pregnant with my first child. Just how many other women out there are unknowingly and unnecessarily suffering because of the Pill?

Interestingly, as I emerged from this horrific trial and began to share my story, I learned that others had similar stories of woe to share. Some of these stories I heard in person, others I read online. And, although, not all of them were as severe as my own, each woman was deeply impacted by her experience. Stories of depression, anxiety, exhaustion, mental fog, hypoglycemia, and spiritual “deadness” were commonly told among these women, as well.

The birth control pill was making women sick. And not always in ways indicated by our doctors or on the prescription warning label.

When it comes to oral contraceptives, we have been fooled.

Too many women are unnecessarily suffering because society has spun a lie that the Pill is necessary–that without it women wouldn’t be able to stop having children. And well-meaning doctors push it on women. Even worse, they are pushing it on impressionable teenagers.

In my ten-year marriage, my husband and I have had two beautiful daughters. Both pregnancies were planned. We haven’t had a single “surprise”. And for the last 8 years, we have successfully used non-hormonal methods of birth control. The Pill isn’t as necessary as society and our doctors would like us to think!

Carl Djerassi, lead scientist and researcher of the first team to first synthesize a steroid oral contraceptive (1951), has since mused, “that the Pill is now largely unchallenged as a contraceptive method because both government and industry have stopped looking for better alternatives.”

Sadly, I am afraid he is probably right. Society is convinced the Pill is the contraceptive answer. And scores of women’s lives are being destroyed as a result.

I can’t help but wonder…

I believe that all things in life happen for a reason and that this terrible trial has helped me grow as a person. It has given me empathy for the suffering of others like nothing else. And because I worried that the Pill could be making other people sick, I grew brave enough to finally tell my story. Hopefully my story can help save other women from suffering like I did.

While I am truly thankful for the good that has come from this horrible trial, there is a part of me that can’t help but wonder what my life would have looked like if I had never taken that dreadful pill. What it would look like if birth control hadn’t stolen a decade of my health, wellness, and happiness–a decade of my life.

Is the Pill stealing from you as well?

Is the Pill making you sick?

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