The life-rule that makes all the difference

We can all think of a person/or people in our life who are just plain difficult. They might include a neighbor or a co-worker or an acquaintance or even a family member.

They may be self-absorbed or thoughtless or just flat-out mean. They’re real stinkers and more often than not they don’t even know it. (My experience has been that these people often think quite highly of themselves—ironically considering themselves the most wonderful person around! It’s so odd.)

And, frankly, our natural inclination is to run and hide or become confrontational when dealing with them. Or, at the least, secretly hope they pay for their selfish misdeeds with a life that falls apart or gossip about them with our friends.

But what if there was another way of dealing with these kinds of people? One that would free us and potentially repair the broken relationship? One that would stop poison from being injected into our OWN hearts and the hearts of others.

What if, instead of allowing the actions of these people push all of our buttons and drain us emotionally, we responded in a healthier way— with LOVE?

What if we decided to treat other people the way we want to be treated—regardless? Stinkers included.

Regardless of how they treat us.
Regardless of how they respond to us.
Regardless, regardless, regardless.

It is called the Golden Rule by some and has been around for centuries (check out Matthew 7:12).

It is one of the most important rules I was taught as a child by my parents who have modeled it beautifully for me through the years. And while I don’t practice it perfectly, the times I do it has literally transformed my heart and life.

There really is nothing quite so freeing as truly believing, embracing, and practicing the Golden Rule. Where we release those expectations of others and focus solely on your own actions— choosing love by treating others the want we want to be treated.

And regardless of how others receive or respond to that love, in the end, you win. Because embracing this rule really does set YOUR heart free!!

With love for you all (stinkers included ;),