Sandal-ready feet

sandaled_feetHaddie and I wandered through the sandal isle of a department store downtown Boston this afternoon. Abigail was “working” with Brance at our new house and it was just the two of us. We had fun looking at the different styles together.

It seemed a little ironic. Although there are beautiful pink and white blossoms on our trees, it was a shady 55 degrees outside. Not exactly sandal weather, right?

But it’s coming. And we are eagerly awaiting sun and sand and sandals.

So, in anticipation and preparation of warmer days to come, I thought I would share my tried-and-true foot softening trick.

It really, truly can help with even the worst of callouses. We all know that callouses are just one of the “lovely” things that come with the territory of getting older. And by older, in this instance, I mean anything over 20!


Foot softening trick

To do this, you’ll need vaseline and a pair of clean socks.

Before going to bed at night, thoroughly coat clean feet in vaseline. Put more than you are inclined to–a nice thick layer–making sure to massage it into the roughest areas. Also, I should mention that oftentimes, for me, clean feet means I’ve simply brushed off any dirt or lint. But washing them is certainly nice, if you are so inclined.

You will not want to walk around immediately after you apply the vaseline. I can only imagine what all that vaseline would do to your carpet or wood! So make sure that you are sitting and have your socks handy. When you are finished applying the vaseline, immediately slip on your clean socks.

You can rub any remaining vaseline onto elbows and knees. It will help make those soft as well!

I like to do this right before climbing into bed for the night. But conceivably it could be done any time of the day. The important thing is to be consistent about it if you want to see results! Think of it like brushing your teeth ;).

In as little as a week’s time (and with a nice manicure) you could have beautiful sandal-ready feet!

To warmer weather!


2 thoughts on “Sandal-ready feet

  1. That’s a great idea when I was working in the hospitals as a nurse technician we applied lanolin especially with those clients that was diabetic so when you mention Vaseline it reminded me of lanolin what a great idea so what about if you have ugly feet what do you do about ugly feet. Lol

  2. Ah, Mercedes, it’s so good to see you here! And wow, interesting to know about the lanolin. I think we often use lotion with less than desirable results, when Vaseline (or lanolin) would be more effective. And all our feet are unique and beautiful, regardless! They are a blessing and a gift from God that take us where we need to go. Love to you!

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