Shaggy layers at home

IMG_1508I started doing something that has saved our family hundreds of dollars over the past couple years. And it has saved me time and stress.

I cut my own hair.

And no, I am not a hairdresser. Not in the least. I don’t even have one high school class under my belt.

Does this sound crazy to you? I thought so at first. I was super nervous the first time I gave it a try. But it is one of the best risks I’ve taken. I love the cut I get AND we’re saving money. Lots of it here in Boston where visiting a salon can cost a small fortune.

I must say that what I do is for a specific cut. And you do have to be okay with a mess-up… ’cause it can happen. BUT, if you are careful and like the particular style, then this method of cutting your own hair might just be for you too.


The end look is graduated layers. Which works wonderfully with my thick, medium-length, wavy hair. Be aware that the layers are shaggy and look better wavy (using a product like a mousse) or curled. Not blown straight.

Here is a link to an article that shows you how to cut your own hair…

And here are my tips for using the ponytail method to cut your own hair…

  • Cut conservatively. You can always repeat the process. It doesn’t take long at all–minutes once you get the hang of it.
  • The amount you cut off corresponds more to the layers than the length of your hair (i.e. the more you chop off the higher your layers start, not necessarily the shorter your hair will be).
  • I always keep my bangs separate. I like to cut them to an exact length.