Snow day in Boston! (lots of pics)

We had our first “real” snow of the winter here in Boston today. We are supposed to get somewhere between 8-12 inches when it is all said and done. The girls and I talked Brance into going out after dark (which comes by 4:30 here!!) to play a little in the snow.

We played in the snow and had a couple of snowball fights while wandering down to the beach to make snow angels. It was beautiful wandering through our lamp-lit neighborhood in the falling, sparkling snow. What is it about falling snow that is so, so peaceful!?

Here we are starting out on our snow adventure. It’s adorable. Anytime we leave the house to walk somewhere (which you do an awful lot in the city) the girls say that we’re going on an adventure. Here they were discussing where we would adventure :).

I caught Abigail giving her daddy a hug and it just melted my heart. How sweet is this!?

So many of the pictures I take of the girls are full of motion blur. I finally caught one of Haddie throwing snow where she wasn’t a big blur!

Making and holding snowballs.I caught Daddy and Abigail hiding behind a house ready to surprise us with a snowball.

I love these two.

I rarely make it into our pictures (because I am usually behind the camera), so Brance made sure to take a few of me having fun with the girls.

Our adventure took us to the beach. These girls are blessed to have a daddy who is always making sure they are safe when we are out and about!

I feel blessed to be married to this guy. Isn’t he cute all bundled up in the snow! Poor thing was COVERED in snow because more often than not he was the target of the snowballs.

We made it to the beach!

We walked all of the way to the beach to make snow angels and they quickly made two and then were done. Abigail was pretty proud of hers, though!

Headed back home for hot chocolate and a book!

We love snow days in Boston (well, everything but the shoveling ;)!