Spring is here, kind of

Spring Tree


The house we are renting while we finish renovating our new home doesn’t have a yard. This is one of the downsides to city living. So you can imagine that we are really excited by the fact that our new house DOES have a yard. I think where we have went without one for so long now (4 years), we will REALLY enjoy and appreciate having it once we do. But in the meantime, if we want to get outside, we take walks. And hang out at the park or the beach (we’re looking forward to beach weather!).

The girls and I thought yesterday was a funny day. We saw this beautiful tree in bloom, yet it was cold enough we all needed warm jackets! One of the things I am finding, living here in Boston, is that the weather can be tricky to gauge. The buildings often block wind or shade the sun and give you a false impression of the temperature. So we usually dress in layers we can remove or take a jacket or sweater, just in case. I remember moving here and being surprised that first June to see little girls in sleeveless dresses, when I felt like I needed a light jacket!

A sister look
I love the way Abigail is looking up at Haddie in this picture. She thinks the world of her big sister. So sweet!


Haddie is going through this thing recently where she is experiencing some fear that she didn’t used to. After we took these pictures, it was difficult for me to convince her to walk past the tree. She was terrified of a couple of bees buzzing in its branches. And then later, as we were coming home, she was acting afraid of every dog she met on the sidewalk. Which is a problem. Dogs are everywhere here; there are more pets than children in our neighborhood! And normally she loves them. I feel so bad for her. Poor thing, she really panicks. We had a long talk about how the dogs are trained and on a leash, so there is nothing to worry about. Hopefully that helps and this phase will pass quickly!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Do you have anything exciting or productive planned for your weekend? I’d love to hear!

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  1. i grew up with a thermometer that showered the inside and outside temp. It is a must. Had one even in college and ever since. It is necessary for me.

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