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Surrender is not a popular idea in our culture.

Independence. Yes.
Strength. You bet.
Self-assertion. Absolutely.

But, surrender. Well, isn’t surrender human frailty at best, or evil coercion at worst?

I would argue that true surrender is nothing of the sort and one of the most amazing things we can experience as humans.

I am learning it all over again today – the beauty of surrender. I don’t always embrace it fully. I don’t alway fall into it gracefully (sometimes I require a nudge from my sweet, brave husband and a loving reminder from a kind friend – like today). But, oh, once I begin to swim in the waters of surrender, I experience freedom and contentment and joy like you wouldn’t believe.

It was a hurtful and unfair situation. Those involved should have known better, should have BEEN better. But they were not and my initial reaction was hurt and frustration. I had been unfairly wronged, after all. And hadn’t the wrong caused things not to work out as I had hoped? Yet, no amount of anger or pain had the power to turn the situation around. In fact the only power it had was to damage my own spirit. To harm me.

Yet, if I surrendered this situation, trusting that God’s ways are not always my own – but they are always, always better – I could be free from the shackles of bitterness and what-ifs. I could be free to rest in the fact that everything happens for a reason, even this unfavorable situation. And that freedom would carry me through this trial unscathed, my spirit intact, unharmed by the poison that can so easily find its way into our hearts.

I sit here typing this just hours afterwards feeling very free, very much at peace. It’s not me. I am prone to ruminate, to worry, to be bitter. I am prone to try to manipulate a situation to work out according to my plan, usually to no avail. I have worn the shackles those things bring too often in the past. But a husband and a friend kindly reminded me of the path of surrender today.

And surrender has set me free.

Have you ever experienced anything similar? If not, would you be interested in giving it a try?

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