Sweet Marriage

I’m a total romantic but it is my husband who loves poetry.

It was one of the things I was surprised to learn after we married. There are so many things you discover about the other person in marriage and not all of them pleasant (well, at least where I am concerned). But this was one of those sweet little surprises.

Right now Brance is combing through a used bookstore with the girls while I wait in the glorious outdoors. I never last as long as he does in a bookstore. He’s certain to have found his way to the poetry section by now. After browsing for an old copy of Pilgrim’s Progress first, of course.

For me, this is one of the beautiful things about marriage, about growing old together—learning all the facets of another human being. Discovering that your martial arts and Star Wars watching fellow finds joy in crafty meter and beautiful rhyme and soaring language.

Don’t get me wrong. Marriage is work. It’s flat out hard sometimes. But most everything good in this life involves work or sacrifice of some sort. And being on this journey together and growing together through the shared experiences of marriage—for years—well, there really is nothing like it.

Yeah, so I just wanted to say that marriage is a sweet, sweet gift full of surprises. That’s it, you guys. Have a wonderful weekend!