Vitamin d cured my anxiety and depression

A Life EnjoyedDo you struggle with anxiety or depression? If the answer is yes, there is a good chance you are vitamin d3 deficient. Many people are and are completely unaware.

I was. And supplementing has made the BIGGEST difference in how I feel, hands down.

Cure is a strong word. But I would say that this has made a 95% difference in how I feel.

It has been like a miracle for me. Social anxiety, feeling down, irrational and obsessive worry, low self-esteem, mood swings etc. melted away almost overnight when I began taking vitamin d. (D3, not d2. There’s a big difference!)

imageI remember walking through our Boston neighborhood, shortly after I began supplementing, thinking, “Wow. I haven’t been self-conscious once this whole walk. So weird, but so good. This must be what it feels like to be normal.” It felt amazing :).

And not just that. I swear it feels like it made me smarter, raised my I.Q, ha. Anyway, it cleared away the “cobwebs” – brain fog – that I had come to accept as me. I always thought that my sluggish, indecisive ways were part of my DNA. Come to find out, a vitamin d deficiency can make a person that way.

GillihanI first discovered the wonders of vitamin d over 2 years ago. I had an especially tough winter and decided to begin taking it to see if it would help with some depression I was struggling with. It helped with the depression and so much more. I felt Continue reading

Nightmare Turned Fairytale: Part 1

kissWe all hope to live the fairytale life where all our dreams and wishes come true. Right!? It’s different for everyone, but there are common themes. For many of us, it is to find a devoted mate and raise a couple cute kids in a place in the world we love most. Or it could be to pursue an exciting career path or build a business from scratch. We might desire to become a world traveler, and lover of all things cultural. Many of us hope to do something that will leave a positive impact on the world around us through the lives we lead. If we are super ambitious person, our fairytale may include most or all of the above!

I don’t think any of us imagine our fairytales filled with hardships like sickness or loss or financial-stress or depression or betrayal or failure or any other kind of trial imaginable. And yet, for most of us, they become part of our story. I am going to be controversial, though, and say that it is often these very things, or how we grow from them, that actually creates the real-life fairytale. That sounds crazy, right!? Continue reading

Practice Gratitude for Greater Happiness


I recently began intentionally practicing something incredibly transformative, yet so simple, that I had to pass it on to my readers! It requires no special training, not a single other person, little time investment, and is free. Best of all, as the research now points out, increased happiness and well-being are likely to follow!

The funny thing is that I learned about this “little” jewel in Sunday School years ago. Most of us are taught this by our parents, myself included. So I am not exactly sure how I missed putting it fully into practice until recently! But now that I have reaped the amazing benefits, there is no turning back for me. Practicing gratitude markedly improved what I already felt was a happy and joyful life. I think I’ll keep practicing it!

What Gratitude Is

Randy A. Sanson, MD and Lori A. Sanson, MD, authors of the article Gratitude and Well Being: The Benefits of Appreciation, define gratitude in this way:  Continue reading