Taking a time-out

I am a bit of an emotional chameleon. As in I tend to change with the emotional climate that surrounds me.

This can be an enormous blessing. (My hubby is always saying it is one of my spiritual gifts.) When someone around me is struggling, it is easy for me to empathize with them—to weep with them, even. When something wonderful happens in their life, rejoicing with them comes second-nature for me.

But being wired this way comes with its challenges as well. And one of those is when the emotional climate around me is tumultuous, I can feel tumultuous.

Recently I have felt somewhat torn apart and beat up emotionally. Anybody else feeling this too? So many people expressing their opinions. So many people expressing their feelings about politics and the world. I am not saying this is necessarily a bad thing. I am just saying that I feel like I have been on an emotional roller coaster trying to find solid footing, trying to make sense of the voices.

I am prayerfully (literally) trying to process it all. Prayer has been an anchor for me. Looking for refuge in Christ and flat out asking him for wisdom and guidance has made a huge difference in how I feel as the world around me (the news and social media and even the conversations I overhear in the local coffee shop) seem to buzz more frantic by the day. The rift in our country seems wider all the time. But peace, trust, and direction supernaturally follow as we rest in God through prayer—regardless of what happens around us. It’s amazing!

I don’t want to ignore or be ignorant of what is going on on a national and global scale. And I do have opinions on many issues. But sometimes, I think it is okay to take a temporary rest from the chaos and to focus on my small world—to really love and serve the people right next to me—before I do or don’t respond to all the opinions swirling around me. Before I do or don’t take action. That’s me right now, taking a brief time-out. Praying like crazy. And trusting that God will direct my heart and inform my actions, now and always. I am praying the same for you too.

Love,  Lauren

p.s. I have decided to tag along with Brance and read through some of the Old Testament books of the Bible. Mostly for support, since he knows so much and I tend to gravitate towards the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs. We are in Isaiah (ch. 26) right now, reading one chapter a day, if you want to join us. Maybe we could all discuss what we learn along the way in an online bible group of sorts. Comment or reach out to me on the contact page, if you’re interested.