The BEST dating advice I received


Thank you Anabell Jimenez for taking this photo!

The last couple of days I have been walking down memory lane.

My parents sold their house, so I have been going through boxes and boxes of stuff that I had stored in their basement—seeing what I want to keep and what I should give away or toss.

There were cards from every birthday, my old flute and childhood keyboard, beautiful hand-sewn dolls I received every year from a neighbor, a little coin collection, and even a container with all of my old baby teeth (eeks).

There were notes galore from childhood friends. Some of the notes folded and passed in school and others received by mail. I even found a couple I had written and evidently never sent! And a couple from a person I can’t recall for the life of me.

And while doing so, I came across the sweetest little thing. A note from a very dear person to me—a mentor during my impressionable teenage years.

Mrs. Sprano has since passed away, but reading her thoughtful, wise words took me back all those years again. It took me back to a class she taught in the small church my family attended. And to all her lessons full of warmth and wisdom and truth.

In the note, she gave some of the BEST dating advice I received back when I was single. It’s timeless and it’s so good, I am passing it on to you now.

If you are single, or know someone who is, this little bit of advice could make a big, big difference in the kind of marriage you (or they) have one day.

The BEST dating advice I received while single…

Observe how the person you date treats their parents. Are they patient, kind, and helpful OR are they rude, unhelpful, and dismissive? If you marry them, this is how they most likely will treat you.

You guys, this is good stuff!!! I am so glad I had a mentor brave enough to share this me. Years later, it has made all the difference in my marriage and life.

One of the things that drew me to Brance was his amazing relationship with his dad. Sadly, his mom passed away a couple of years before we met, so I was not able to observe that relationship. But, his dad was his confidant and advisor and it was evident he really loved his entire family.

And a decade into marriage, Brance really loves myself and our girls. I have no regret and I am only incredibly grateful for the spouse I chose.

And I am incredibly grateful for this dating advice, I received during my single years, that I pass on to you now.

With Love,


P.S. Another wonderful bit of advice I received while single was to focus on becoming the kind of person I would want to date. Working on myself was the best way to prepare for marriage, hands-down.

What great dating advice have you received or would you offer?