Things I am learning

wildflowerBrance and I have experienced lots of transition and life-stressors over the last 6 years. You know, those hard things in life that throw you into turmoil—death, a move, joblessness, a new baby, disease etc.

In fact, one year we tallied up 6 of them in a couple month span. Any one life-stressor being capable of throwing a person headlong into depression, we’ve been told. So, no surprise at times we found it hard to come up for air.

This little blog was birthed as a result of some life changes I made that helped me find my feet early on during this time.

And even now as I dig through a large plastic tote for a pot to boil eggs in, I am reminded of the transitional nature of this time as well. Still. No “permanent” dwelling, no place to make my “own”… yet.  (Though,  Brance is working awfully hard on those renovations!!)

But, do you know what?

These have been some of the most beautiful and growth-producing years as well.

Isn’t it a shame that it often takes the chisel to make us into the people God wants us to be? To make us fully reliant on him. To see ourselves as travelers on planet earth, only passing through. To help us release our puny expectations and embrace his gloriously, bigger plan (even if it doesn’t look so glorious or big to the world around us).

Life is transition–transition from our temporary, broken home, to our home eternal.

So, for a Christian, transition is a good thing. And life-stressors are a good thing too, if they make us into the image of Christ.

With love,